Your New Fat Burner – COFFEE!

Fat Burner COFFEE
Fat Burner COFFEE

Who needs a coffee every morning when they wake up? If you ask around in your friend circle 3 out of 5 people will say they rely on it! Billions of people around the world wake up to their coffee. Some say it’s an eye-opener, some say they love the taste, some say it puts your system in gear! They all knowingly or unknowingly talk about the largely available caffeine content in coffee which gives them that extra kick every morning because it works as a powerful stimulant!

The less commonly discussed feature of Coffee is whether it can actually burn fat?? The answer is yes! It can! Next, we’ll look into the mechanisms by which caffeine stimulates fat loss.

What is Fat Loss?

Well it clearly is not the fact that you hold your belly on a flame yes? It will get very uncomfortable very soon! Well in simple terms

Fat Burning = Using Fat as Energy

Fat can only be used as energy when it’s floating around the bloodstream as a molecule called “Free Fatty Acid”. When someone talks “Fat” the Free Fatty acid is not what they talk about, It’s the adipose tissue that holds also known as fat cells that hold these fatty acids inside.

In simple terms you have to tell your body to release the fatty acids from your adipose tissue and get them in your blood stream to burn them!

How Does Caffeine Help Fat Loss?

Caffeine Stimulates Lipolysis

Whoa, big words!! Well, it’s not as big as it sounds. Lipolysis is the name given for the process of breaking down adipose tissue. Caffeine stimulates this process by increasing levels of energetic hormones like epinephrine and norepinephrine in your system. These hormones in return cause fatty acids to be released.

Caffeine Increases Metabolism

I’m sure most of you know what metabolism is! But for those who don’t, the process of burning energy is called metabolism. The metabolic rate defers from person to person depending on so many factors!

Now that caffeine helps you release your stubborn fatty acids to your bloodstream what’s the next step? They have to be used as energy! Caffeine also helps you stimulate your metabolism, through which you can now burn those fatty acids that are roaming through your bloodstream! Cool right?

The process of metabolic burn is called thermogenesis. Oh no! Another big word… well again not really. Caffeine stimulates “thermogenesis” which basically translates to caffeine telling your body to burn more calories!

Is caffeine your best friend yet?

Fat Burner COFFEE
Fat Burner COFFEE

How well does it work?

Fat Burner COFFEE
Fat Burner COFFEE

True the scientific process of how caffeine can burn fat mixed with a few big words sound cool. But does it really stimulate quantifiable weight loss?

It seems to do exactly that! In a study with 76 overweight volunteers who consume caffeine in different doses (High to low) were put on a low-calorie diet for 4 weeks.

The result? At the end of the 4 weeks, higher weight loss was linked with the volunteers who consumed a higher amount of caffeine! Doesn’t hurt to have a cup or 2 of coffee daily yeah?

There’s more!

A study shows that people who consume a considerably higher amount of caffeine a day can maintain fat loss better than those who don’t! Who else is thinking coffee right now?

Let me jump in a barrel of coffee!


Coffee can be helpful, but overdosing with caffeine might not be the answer as it has some known side effects that might hurt your general health such as

  • Insomnia
  • Gastrointestinal Distress
  • Confusion
  • Trouble Focusing

A Final Note

If you have never consumed coffee before, don’t jump headfirst into large quantities. Start mild and if you feel any un-easiness back off your dose! After all, the research on caffeine and weight loss is promising, but still correlational. In other words, there aren’t any properly controlled experiments showing caffeine alone helps you lose weight, but it clearly seems to have a lot of benefits!

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