Wuhan Hosts Water Park Party!

The birthplace of Covid-19, the birthplace of millions of patients around the world, the cause of 788k deaths around the world has just hosted a water park party with thousands of Chinese revelers banging their heads to Electronic music without masks and without any practice of social distancing between them! Wait what???

wuhan water park party
Wuhan water park party

Wuhan’s Maya Water park was filled with party goers in their swim suits bunched together shoulder to shoulder in hip deep water sipping their drinks as if to show off to the rest of the world how they have moved past what they initiated and screwed everyone over!

wuhan water park party
Wuhan water park party

The crowded party scene remains a hazard to most countries around the world with almost 10,000 patients being tested positive on a daily basis in big shot countries like the USA, India, and Brazil!

It seems as if Wuhan had moved on since their lockdown in April. In a way you cannot blame them as no new cases were reported since May.

Check the video : https://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2020/08/18/wuhan-water-park-party-lon-orig-mrg.cnn/video/playlists/intl-stories-worth-watching/

The waterpark reopened in June but never really got going as seasonal rains kept away the customers. Occupancy in August remains half from where they were at the same time frame last year. With that being said they average around 15,000 customers on weekends!

We have to start thinking if China deliberately screwed everyone else over and is having a laugh at it. With that being said, most of the European giants and the USA didn’t take this as seriously as they should’ve and bought this wreck upon them!

Interesting stories all around, but we have the responsibility on our hands to save ourselves. Stay safe and stay home!

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