Transgender BEFORE and AFTER photos: Transitions

Transgender people have shared their photos before and after transformation on social media. These images reveal both the people on the journey and the people who have just begun to question their gender identity.

It can be painful for transgender people to look back on the past, but many people share their photos to show everyone what they have achieved.

MALE to FEMALE Transformation

1. Sarahisizzu

Sarahisizzu’s story on Instagram: “This look made me feel a bit cute and cheery🌡🌻🌈 The fact is that time really does change you… So I decided to share a pic this Throw Back of me. but with the left being from 3 years and a half ago and the other being from a few days ago. I believe it is important to show where you started and give insight on just how hard it was at times to get where you are now. Depression sucks and can destroy you and I know a lot of individuals in our community go through hard times with depression in their lives. When I was in my darkest point I was always waiting for someone to help me which sometimes that help never comes… I had to pull myself out of it on my own and rebuild my life to get to the point where I’m at now. I want everyone to know if they are going through these same things that life is not over and you can pull yourself out of it. You are stronger than you can ever imagine and ultimately you are in control of your life and future even at those times when you feel like you have lost everything ♥️.”

2. Nikitadragun

nikitadragun on Instagram: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 I’m a proud trans woman and I will never let anyone invalidate me! don’t let anyone make you feel like less of a person for being who you truly are! respect and acceptance! love always wins 🌈 #transgender #lgbt #pride #loveislove


i ain’t never seen two pretty best friends 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️ i was the ugly friend… but then surgery + hormones = glo up . my day one before everything ! my ride or die ! finally came to visit me in la… she said it herself… the only thing that’s changed is maybe a nose or two hahaha… she use to fight all my school bullies for me and now they’re all in my dm

3. Mackymaximiliann

mackymaximiliann on instagram: March 31st, Day of Visibility for my Trans brothers and sisters ❤️ Our existence is valid. We deserve love and respect. And, It should be normal for us to be in your lives.

4. Izzi Rae

Izzi Rae shared her story on her Twitter account: The greatest on-going journey I have ever set on was the one where I gave myself permission to be myself! It has opened me to be able to love myself for the first time. It’s a life long journey with many obstacles & struggles, but it’s a life-changing and I have no regrets #TDOV

5. cutejessli

cutejessli‘s Story on Instagram: Time for a good ol fashioned comparison! The first pic was me summer 2018 and second on Jan 2021 a day before surgery. Ive been on HRT for 2 years 2 months now! So my recovery is still rough due to a fair amount of discomfort, but its getting easier every day. The swelling is slowly reducing and the bruising is almost gone. Dialation has become much easier the past few days as ive learned to play with the dialator more. The key is keeping zero muscle tension in your body and staying absolutely relaxed. It takes me a little while to get in the ultra relaxed mood before i dialate but it makes a difference. The last session actually felt sorta good! ❤️ LOVE AND HEALTH TO ALL ❤️


Transgender before and after - CALYSTA MUA Instagram
Transgender before and after – CALYSTA MUA Instagram

CALYSTA MUA is an social media influencer/ Model t-girl 

Sarah McBride to become the first transgender state senator in U.S. history

7. Melissa Tomlinson

Transgender before and after - Melissa Tomlinson Instagram
Transgender before and after – Melissa Tomlinson Instagram

melissa.tomlinson on Instagram : Stumbled across this earlier, the left is from 2014 when I did a charity-themed “makeup selfie” that was trending at the time. I was secretly well up for it obvs 👀😂. I hadn’t even accepted being trans and would have never considered coming out… fast forward 5 years and here I am now! It’s been an absolute roller coaster of a journey so far but I genuinely couldn’t be more happy or proud of how far I’ve come. I’ve had a lovely Christmas and managed to reconnect with some old friends. Here’s hoping 2020 will be the best year yet!! 💖

8. on instagram : 2 years since the picture on the left. I was months away from starting HRT and had only just started to transition at home.
It’s surreal to look back on this time, having started coming out and feeling completely overwhelmed by the process. Starting HRT was an indefinite amount of time away and I was buying small things to build towards going out in public. I found working towards out of the home goals allowed myself to take steps within the home, as I was fearful to go too fast in overwhelming my wife. Having an external goal placed the focus there for both of us.
Things felt so slow at the time, but looking back it has gone very fast. By the end of the year (2019) I was full-time and had been on HRT for months. My advice – keep setting goals for yourself. Go at the pace that makes sense for you, but avoid getting stuck.

9. jasmineindiarose – transgender before and after

jasmineindiarose - transgender before and after
jasmineindiarose – transgender before and after

jasmineindiarose on Instagram: I wanted to put something together for Transgender Awareness Week. It’s really good to do these comparisons just to see how far you’ve come on your journey and give you that added push to keep ongoing.

10. mikaelaville

mikaelaville on Instagram : 3 years HRT Anniversary. 3 years ago today, I was so excited to take my very first hormone replacement therapy pills. My heart was pounding, my palms were sweaty. It felt like time was moving in slow motion. The pills were on my tongue. I brought my glass of water to my mouth and swallowed them down. And then…. 2 FRIGGIN MONTHS LATER my nipples started to hurt! You reeeaaally gotta have patience when waiting for HRT changes. But they do come.. eventually. (That’s what she said.)

11. Victoria transgender before and after

almost.instant.victoria on Instagram: These two pics taken about 7 years apart. Left pic I’m 37 years old looking happy and I’m sure I was in the moment. Right pic 44 years old. I think it’s easy to see the difference in the smiles. What do you think?

12. Unlabeledtruth


Unlabeledtruth on Instagram: In the picture on the left, I weighed 326 lbs. I was overweight, depressed, numb, and self-destructing. My lowest point is one that is etched in my mind forever. That picture was taken around 4 years ago. Nothing about what was coming next was easy. I never thought I’d still be here back then. Transitioning saved my life and I’m never looking back.

13. Princess_villa03

princess_villa03 - transgender before and after
princess_villa03 – transgender before and after

princess_villa03 on Instagram. This is my perfect sweet transformation from male to female. Please share and comment. Thank you. transformation #transgender #surgery

transgender before and after
transgender before and after

14. mariaprciouz – Transgender before and after

Im 20 I’m from Philippines and I’m pageant enthusiast and a freelance model and also a tourism Student 

Find mariaprciouz on Instagram

FEMALE to MALE Transformation

1. ntlally1

Nick Lally transgender before and after

Nick Lally on Instagram : No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself

2. greatnate41

greatnate41 on Instagram: One of these smiles is not like the other…can you tell? I can! Happy #TransformationTuesday! I had no idea what I was doing with myself on the left. Not much felt right at the time, but seeing other trans people and their transformations gave me a lot of hope then. That I can see myself happy on the other side of the unknown. I’m so grateful for all the support along the way while I’ve been busy figuring this hard stuff out. Each day I’m grateful to learn a little bit more about myself, to live my life authentically. I hope you find yourself believing you can get on the other side of whatever challenge is facing you. It is possible to find happiness again.

3. callme.alexander

callme.alexander_ on Instagram: Someone online said to find pictures of yourself a decade apart and compare them… this is a few years over a decade, but I don’t even recognise that person anymore! 😱. I’ll be forever grateful to that person on the left. They struggled through some hard years of questioning, of doubt, of wanting to transition but facing pressure not to so they hated themselves. But without them struggling and working through it I would be here now, becoming the man I always should have been.
In 5 days I’ll be having top surgery, and in many ways it feels like another part of that person I’m erasing. I don’t feel sad about it, but felt the need to achknowlede my past self. They struggled so I could be happy, and as I become more comfortable in my skin I wish I could go back to myself then and tell them how much better things got.

4. thisis_drb – transgender before and after

thisis_drb on instagram: Get yourself a boy who can do both. April 17, 2019 vs March 11, 2021.

5. sydmaxfit

on instagram : Here’s a pic of me holding a pic of me from 12th grade!!! #transformationtuesday In the 8ish years between these photos, so much has happened! Just to name a few things…I started therapy, got sent to military school, graduated, joined the navy, got married, bought a sports car, started college, caught on fire, got divorced, bought a condo, started my transition, had top surgery, got out of the navy, partied too hard, had revision surgery, sold the sports car, went back to school, got serious in the gym again, started posting on here, drove across the country, and started my personal training business!!! 

6. rustedhelldiver


rustedhelldiver on instagram: If only i knew then, all the things that I know now! You can get through anything & everything works out somehow!⚡️ Sometimes I don’t realize how far I’ve come on this adventure! I’ve only become happier & more at peace with myself & my body as time goes on. I’m so thankful for the support and love i’ve been fortunate to have.

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