Top 16 CELEBRITIES who SMOKE : Superstar Smokers

Smoking is not usually associated with famous stars because they always concern about their fitness, health, and beauty. But there are celebrities who smoke and enjoys it and also there are celebrities who smoke but have been keeping it as a secret from the public. Let see how these stars going through their bad habit. In this article we present some of the big name of celebrities and sport stars you didn’t know were smokers such as Simon Cowell, MJ, Emily Blunt, Leonardo Dicaprio.

  • Celebrities who smoke cigarettes, cigars and weed
  • Simon Cowell, Emily Blunt, Seth Rogen, Michael Jordan are some of the big names on this list

1. Simon Cowell (#1 Celebrities who smoke )

  • Smokes Cigarettes
  • Cigar smoker
Celebrities who smoke: Simon Cowell
Celebrities who smoke: Simon Cowell

Cowell is one of the most famous people in the world. He is a judge and the executive producer of AGT. He is a long-time heavy smoker. This habit has caused him many problems in past years in his career. Recently Gabrielle Union, who was a judge in AGT revealed the reason she quit the show. She said that although she requests Simon to stop smoking around her because of her allergic reaction. But he never stopped smoking around the dressing room and the theatre and made Gabrielle uncomfortable. Recent reports say that NBC has given Simon full control of AGT for the past few years so he can do whatever he wants. However, most reporters accused Simon of going against the law because California is not allowed to smoke in the workplace.

2. Michael Jordan (#2)

Michael Jordan is the “world’s greatest basketball of all time”. He is a role model which most kids look up to but he loves smoking Cuban cigars. Once in an interview, he reminds how got into smoking cigars, after winning his first NBA championship and also how it relaxes his mind. Ever since we can see him smoking after every single home game. Even after his retirement, his love for cigars has not gone. Most recently he also appeared on the world-famous Cuban cigars magazine Cigar Aficionado to express his love for cigars.

Michael Jordan on Cigar Aficionado magazine : Celebrities who smoke
Michael Jordan on Cigar Aficionado magazine

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3. Emily Blunt (#3)

  • Smokes cigarettes
Emily blunt smoking a cigarette. Celebrities who smoke
Emily blunt smoking a cigarette

It’s shocking isn’t it nobody wants to have her on the list of celebrities who smoke but this beautiful actress is a heavy smoker for years. She is also one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. She is a mom of two children and married to the famous actor John Krasinski. She has been an influence for many women all-round the world. So she has never smoked in the public but she has been caught several times on the camera by paparazzi.

Video : Emily Blunt smoking and enjoying herself at La Conversation

4. Alex Rodriguez (#4 A-Rod)

  • Smoked cigars
Alex Rodriguez & David Ortiz Playfully Light Up Cigars In Non-Smoking Area
Alex Rodriguez & David Ortiz Playfully Light Up Cigars In Non-Smoking Area

Alex Rodriguez also known as A-Rod. He was a great baseball player who loved smoking cigars after his games. He was a talented player but, before his retirement, he ruined his whole career for drug scandal. Later he was listed as one of the most hated athletes in the world. But most recently, he gained his fame back by hooking up with Jennifer Lopez. However, he still smokes expensive cigars from Cuba and enjoying his life.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio (#5 Celebrities who smoke)

Leonardo DiCaprio : Celebrities who smoke
Leonardo DiCaprio: Celebrities who smoke

The Oscar-winning actor is good at smoking in films as well as in real life. But in real life, he always tries to keep his smoking habit a secret. He has start smoking at age 20. However, his habit has become a common thing for fans but not for his mom. He has always hidden the fact from his mom ever since a teenager.

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6. Nick Jonas (#6 Celebrities who smoke)

Nick Jonas is a big fan of cigars. He has never hidden his love for cigars in public.

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7. Johnny Depp (#6 Celebrity smokers)

Johnny Depp smoking a ciggie at a press conference

Johnny Depp is a global superstar. Recently, he revealed that he starts smoking at age 12. Usually, Johnny has cigarette breaks with co-actors on the set. Johnny has a funny story about cigarette break that he has to experience with Leonardo DiCaprio. While on the set of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, they have to smoke hiding from Leonardo’s mom. Once in the Ellen show, Gwyneth Paltrow mentioned Johnny’s rolling habit. But Ellen made fun of that. However, it is not the first time that comedians have fun making jokes about Johnny Depp’s rolling habit and using drugs.

8. Prince Harry (#8 Famous celebrities who smoke)

Prince Harry smoking at a wedding with other Royals

Prince Harry is a member of the British royal. He is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth and, he is the only royal caught smoking in front of the camera. His brother Prince William says that he is a heavy smoker. Recently Oprah Winfrey show, Prince Harry has spoken about his drug issues and smoking. He says that he started smoking after his mother, Princess-Diana’s lost. However, Prince Harry hopes to quit smoking for his babies. We’ll see how long he could stay clean.

9. Anna Kournikova (#9)

Tennis Star Anna casually smoking

Nobody expects sports stars to smoke. Although she is a Tennis legend, she couldn’t keep up with sports because of her modeling career. She is also known as one of the most beautiful women in the world because of her beauty. Anna is not a frequent smoker but, she has start smoking when she starts to play tennis. Now she smokes several times a day. But her Enrique Iglesias says that she never smokes in front of the family.

10. Bill Clinton (#10 Celebrities who smoke)

27 May 2001: Former US President Bill Clinton smoking a cigar whilst at Loch Lomond Golf Club, Scotland, home to The Scottish Open and a potential venue for the Ryder Cup 2009. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Redington/ALLSPORT

Bill Clinton was the 42nd president in the United States. He has blamed for smoking pot during his early presidential campaign. It was a huge controversy at that time because he had smoked pot when he was the governor of Arkansas. But Bill claimed that he had never broken the state law and said that he had tried pot in England. However, we know that Bill is a regular cigarette smoker.

11. Britney Spears (#11 Celebrities who smoke)

Britney Spears taking a smoke break in Tel Aviv : Celebrities who are smokers

Britany Spears is known as the Princess of pop all around the world. There were many times that she was spotted lighting a cigarette in front of the camera. She has been smoking since a teenager. Many people say that when Britney was single, she smokes more than 20 cigarettes per day. Now she had got control of her habit with the help of her father. Recently she also admitted that she had smoked weed as a teenager.

12. Shia LaBeouf (#15)

Shia LaBeouf is one of the most famous celebrity smokers

Shia LaBeouf is famous for his role in the blockbuster movie Transformers. In several times he was arrested for smoking. First, in Burbank for illegal smoking. Then the second time, due to his disorderly behavior. The People who saw the incident said that he came asking for a cigarette around 4.00 a.m. to the hotel lobby. And when no one offered him a cigarette, he started to behave aggressively and even to the officers.

13. Kristen Stewart (#12 Celebrities who smoke)

Kristen Stewart : Celebrities who smoke
Kristen Stewart : Celebrities who smoke

Kristen Steward is a famous actress in Hollywood. She doesn’t have the shame to light cigarettes or smoke pot in public. But many of her co-stars and employees blame that Kristen smokes like a chimney. However, she had to face some problems because of her annoying habit. In 2020 she announced that she had decided to quit smoking during the pandemic.

14. Jamie Vardy (#13 Sports stars who smoke)

Jamie Vardy : Footballers who smoke

Isn’t it shocking? Would you believe that the top scorer of the premier league is a smoker? Jamie is a talented English striker. He was spotted on camera with cigarettes in his hand many times. But when reporters asked him whether he is smoking cigarettes? He admits that he is smoking. He also said that it has helped him to reach his success.  Although it is a bad influence, nothing has affected his career. But going strong and reach success.

15. Tom Brady (#14 Sport stars who smoke)

Tom Brady – NFL star admitted to smoking weed

Tom Brady is known as the greatest NFL player of all –time. He has won four MVP titles. After the time he won his second MVP, Tom was accused of smoking a cigarette in public. It was a controversy back in 2009, so he was forced to make a public apology to his fans and sponsors. But most NFL authorities requested to banned him from the franchise. However, he was able to change history after that by winning four MVPs.

16. Kate Winslet (#16)

Recently Kate Winslet admits that she started smoking from age 19. She is a heavy smoker but never smokes in the house. Kate always enjoys herself in the morning by smoking a cigarette. She has also said that she never smokes in front of her children.

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