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Arguably the most watched and the most loved TV series of all time “Friends” does come with some glaring pot holes that cannot be ignored. Sure, if you watch all 10 seasons of it once, you might not notice these plot holes and this could be one of the reasons the directors left it as it was because they didn’t expect fans to re-watch it multiple times. Unfortunately Friends fans around the world to this day watch it over and over since it’s last airing in 2004. So why wait any longer? Let’s jump into these plot holes. In this article we present to you the TOP 5 PLOT HOLES IN FRIENDS fans can’t UN-SEE.

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1. Chandler and Slipping Money (PLOT HOLES IN FRIENDS #1)

In season 7 when Chandler takes out Monica on a dinner date, Monica convinces Chandler to slip some money to the waiter to get a table faster. Chandler fails miserably at this and gets annoyed when Monica brings up Richard and how well he was with that sort of thing.

Well funny enough in season 2 when Monica was dating Richard, Joey and Chandler were so impressed by him that they tried to be just like him. In this episode Richard teaches Chandler how to slip money to people. He practices the skill and gets pretty good at it. Hmmm might’ve forgotten it over 5 seasons

2. Monica’s and Rachel’s Apartment Number Changes ( #2 )

One of the most key locations of the show is the girl’s apartment with the purple iconic door. In season 1 the girls apartment number was 1 (later changed to number 5) and the boys lived across the hall in apartment number 2. But later on the directors realized that considering the floor they live in the numbers should be way higher. So they changed the apartment numbers to 19 and 20 after season 2.

3. Monica Can hear stuff Under Water? Or No? (#3 Plot holes in FRIENDS

In season 5 when Chandler and Monica date secretly without telling any of their friends they almost get caught when Joey barges in on them being in the bathtub together. Monica saves the day by diving inside water. Joey came into ask Chandler if he wanted some chicken for dinner but was quickly chased out. When he leaves the washroom Chandler explains to Monica how Joey kept asking if he wanted chicken, to which Monica says she could use some chicken as if she didn’t hear any of the conversation.

Then Chandler calls Joey back to tell him to get some chicken with some coleslaw and a coke, and when he says that Monica being underwater pinches Chandler (Or we hope) which insists him to say “Diet Coke”. I guess she could hear underwater when Chandler speaks.

4. Who’s Washroom does Chandler and Monica take a bath in? (#4)

On the same episode on the same scene, we kind of noticed that they were not definitely in their apartment bathroom.

Where’s the banner on their washroom door?

Chandler’s and Joey’s washroom door has a sign that says “My Goodness My Guinness”. This sign doesn’t seem to be there on the door when Joey opens it.

The Commode is on the opposite side

In an earlier episode, Joey wakes up to the sound of Monica sneaking into their apartment very early in the morning. He goes to the washroom and falls asleep on the commode. But in the bathtub scene, it was on the opposite side of the washroom.

5. The guys don’t recognize Bruce Willis? ( #5 )

Well this is kind of a big one. The boys Joey, Ross and Chandler are huge fans of the movie Die Hard  starred by the famous action movie legend Bruce Willis.

In Season 6 Bruce Willis starred as Paul Stevens, Ross’s girlfriend’s dad. Which considering what their favorite movie creates a huge plot hole. Obviously Willis is playing a character and I’m sure the cast did not think twice before getting him down. But considering how much they emphasized on the fact that the boys absolutely loved Die Hard, It feels a bit weird.

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