Top 20 list of most popular most-followed TikTok Users in 2022

Tiktok is a social media platform developed by a Chinese company in 2016. It is a short video hosting platform where anyone can post videos through their platform. Tiktok was launched worldwide in 2018; since then, it has been the most popular and fastest-growing Social Media Platform. Apart from Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, Tiktok is the only app to surpass the 3 billion user mark. Tiktok has the best user interface among other social media that helps the TikTok users who create unique content to become influencers and reach more crowds. So in this article, we decided to list down the top 20 most followed TikTok users in 2022.

1. Khaby Lame ( # most popular and most followed TikTok users in 2022)

Lame is an Italian tiktoker who rose to fame by roasting other people. Most videos are based on his unique silent reactions where he gives solutions to other people. In 2021 he became the second most followed TikTok user in the world by passing Addison Rae, and now he has surpassed Charli D’ amelio to become the most followed TikTok user in the world with 147,800,000 followers.

2. Charli D’amelio (# the second most followed tiktok users in 2022)

Charlie was the longest reigning most followed Tiktok biggest star, with 144,600,000 followers. This 18-year-old star is the first user to reach 50 million and 100 million on the platform. She not only has fun making dancing videos, but she also generates considerable money from advertising for her portfolio. According to Forbes, she has the second-highest revenue earned from TikTok.

3. Bella Poarch ( most liked TikTok video) – 89.9 million followers

Bella Poarch is the one who created the most liked TikTok of all time, which reached over 57 million likes. Also, she holds the record for third-most followed TikTok user worldwide. Now she has gained a successful music career from her TikTok fame. She has also been privileged to sign with Warner records.

4. Addison Rae – 87 million followers

Addison Rae is one of the highest-earning TikTok influencers in the world, with endorsements with top brands. Thanks to the platform, she increased her net worth exponentially during the pandemic. When TikTok took the internet by storm, Addison was the face of the platform. She reached one million followers in less than a month by making trending dancing videos. Addison also holds the record for the third most liked account on TikTok, with over 5 billion likes.

5. Will Smith – 72.3 million followers

Will Smith is the most followed Hollywood celebrity on TikTok. He has posted many viral videos, including trends and challenges. Most people follow him because of his inspirational and motivational advice given in videos.

6. Zack King – 68.6 million followers

Zack Kings has the most viewed Tik Tok videos and is the fifth most followed TikTok user. Most of Zack’s videos are about illusions that trick people’s minds. Before Tik Tok was launched, he broke the internet on many other platforms by posting short video clips and vines. So in 2016, TikTok became the best platform for his short videos, and since then, he has owned the most viewed clips.

7. Kimberly Loaiza – 63.4 million followers

Kimberly Loaiza is a Mexican Youtuber currently holding the 7th most followed TikTok user position. She joined Youtube in 2016 and gained unbelievable success and fame. Kimberly is the first Latin American to own the most followed TikTok and Youtube accounts. Also, she started as a vlogger, but now she is an enormous businesswoman and singer.

8. Cznburak – 58.8 million followers

We think you have already watched his clips on the internet. Burak is a Turkish restauranteur who gained fame on the internet by posting short clips of his Turkish recipes. Thanks to the internet, he got the opportunity to open restaurants overseas, which helped him to expand his business.

9. Dixie D’amelio – 57.4 million followers

Dixie is the one and only beloved sister of Charli D’amelio (most followed TikTok user). Both of them gained popularity through this platform. Dixie joined TikTok after her sister became famous. Before that, she appeared in Charli’s videos. However, Dixie is now the second-highest paid TikTok influencer globally, where she is only second to his sister.

10. Spencer X – 55 million followers

Spencer X rose to prominence through immense talent in beatboxing. We can watch his beatboxing talent in most of his TikTok videos. Spencer’s unique reach to produce beats in day-to-day activities hilariously from his mouth gained him popularity. First, he posted videos on TikTok for fun, but eventually, he has now become a professional beatboxer.

11. Domelipa – 54.4 million followers

Domelipa is a 20-year-old Mexican TikToker. She has chosen a similar path to D’amelios. She records dance clips, does viral dancing challenges, and posts on TikTok mainly in Spanish. Many people compare Dominik to the Spanish version of Charli D’amelio, but she has a unique talent for getting this impressive number of followers.

12. The Rock – 53.1 million followers (most followed TikTok Users in 2022)

The Rock first started posting TikToks in late 2019. However, he managed to reach over 50 million in a short period. His inspirational and funny videos are the reason behind his followers. He has only posted 80 videos up to date, but his fame has also helped boost his account to this level.

The Rock
The Rock

13. Jason Derulo – 52.5 million followers

Jason Derulo is one of the most significant influencers on the platform. TikTok will not get popular without Jason Derulo. His songs and trends are the most viewed TikToks on the media. Jason’s song Tampa has been used 23 million times for TikToks.

14. Justmaiko (Michael Le) – 51.3 million followers

Justmaiko is another social media influencer who got famous with his dancing skills and the help of his family. He spends the day posting TikToks and videos on social media daily. Micheal’s most viewed Tiktoks are ones that his younger brother featured. Many followers like his younger brother’s cute dancing.

15. BTS – 51.1 million followers

BTS, the record-breaking South Korean boy band, has joined TikTok to interact with their fans differently. They joined TikTok in 2019 and now have slightly over 50 million followers. In most videos, they are dancing to their songs and promoting them.


16. Youneszarou – 47.3 million followers

Younes Zarous, aka YZ, is a German Tiktoker famous for his magical videos. His beautiful illusion videos are the reason why he attracts so many followers. He doesn’t only make videos but gives tutorials about making internet illusions.

17. Riyaz

Riyaz is the most-followed South Asian TikToker in the world. He always does random videos, but every video gets millions of views. So he has managed to form his fan base with his parents’ fame.

18. Won Jeong  – 47 million followers

Won Jeong is the Koren tiktoker who got famous with his unique funny videos. However, he achieved to attract a sizeable worldwide audience to follow him. Also, Won became the first Korean to reach 0 to 38 million followers in a calendar year. Won is a sound engineering student, and now through his fame, he has opened up many opportunities to work with top artists worldwide.

19. Kallmekris (Kris HC) – 45.8 million followers

Kallmekris’s real name is Kris Collins, and she is a 25-year-old Canadian Tiktoker. Even though she is a professionally trained hairdresser, kris doesn’t create content about hairdressing. She posts comedy videos daily that are loved by many fans. Now she is one of the most prominent social media influencers in Canada.

20. Riyaz

Riyaz is the most-followed South Asian TikToker in the world. He always does random videos, but every video gets millions of views. So he has managed to form his fan base with his parents’ fame.

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