Three Colours you must wear for an Interview

You’re looking out for jobs online and all over the place. You find a few vacancies that you think you can fill. And then one day you get a call asking you to come for an interview. Exciting times! You prepare all your respective documents, file them and get ready for the interview. After prepping all your documents the big question flashes across you! WHAT SHOULD I WEAR, WHICH COLORS SHOULD I WEAR? Worry no more coz we’ve got you covered in this article with the 3 colours you MUST wear for an interview. These colours will for sure give you an edge over your other applicant’s coz like most people say FIRST IMPRESSIONS DO MATTER!

In today’s competitive job market most employers pay attention to not only your qualifications. The first impression you give them as you walk into the room plays a major role in deciding your future. One of the first few points your prospective employer looks into as you walk into the room is how well you’re groomed, what you’re wearing and your body language. One key aspect that most people tend to ignore is the colour they wear. The colour you wear tends to create an optical illusion which hacks the subconscious mind of a person looking at you. This will create an amazing or even a very dull first impression of his/her future employee. Worry no more we got you covered!

One of the key points you should when considering the color of your outfit depends on the;

  • Type of job you’re applying for
  • Work environment
  • Audience

Each different colour discussed below helps convey a subtle but effective message to your audience. We will also discuss how you can mix and match these colours to create the best, killer first impression that you’re looking for.


Blue is considered to be one of the most ideal colours to wear for an interview. The colour blue is known to convey a message of calmness, confidence, amiable and trustworthy. Many studies have confirmed this even the career centre at Cornell University have confirmed this based on one of the recent studies they conducted. The shade of navy Blue is tipped to be the best shade to wear from the blue colour.

Colours you must wear for an Interview - Blue
Colours you must wear for an Interview – Blue

The colour grey is of the most neutral colours you can wear to a job interview. This colour tends to convey a message of freshness, youth and the ability to tackle problems in a very professional and conservative manner.

Colours you must wear for an Interview - white
Colours you must wear for an Interview – Grey

The colour white tends to trick your mind to think you’re a highly organized, clean and confident individual. It is one of the safest colours to wear for an interview. The best is to mix and match white with another subtle strong colour but making sure that white is the most prominent.

Colours you must wear for an Interview - white
Colours you must wear for an Interview – white
  • Blue and brown
  • Blue and white
  • Grey and brown
  • Grey and black
  • White and grey
  • White and pale brown

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