The World Needs More People Like Sir Nicholas Winton!

Sir Nicholas Winton

The man was invited to a TV Show, but Nicholas Winton had no clue why everyone suddenly got up.

Nicholas Winton kept a huge secret for almost 50 years. Which was later discovered by his wife. In 1938 Sir Nicholas Winton singlehandedly began to rescue Jewish children from the Holocaust.

Nicholas Winton successfully managed to bring 669 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia to Britain and helped them find new families in Britain. Most of the children’s parents would perish in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

But Nicholas Winton never mentioned the children to anyone until his wife, Grete found a notebook in the attic 50 years later. It included names and pictures of all children that Nicholas Winton had saved.

His wife gave the book to a journalist and he was invited on a TV program but didn’t know that every single person present in the audience were children rescued by Nicholas Winton. The rescued children, who are now adults had come to thank him personally.

Sir Nicholas Winton

Nicholas Winton died in 2015, at age 106. But he left an inspiring story filled with humility and a remarkable example of the power of humanity in the darkest of hours. Nicholas Winton can be regarded as one of the unsung heroes of World War 2, known as the Schindler of Britain.

Which is reversed to being the “Father” who saved hundreds of children from Nazi death camps.

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Vera Gissing, one of the children, has written his biography and scripted the film, Power of Humanity. “He rescued the greater part of the Jewish children of my generation in Czechoslovakia. Very few of us met our parents again: they perished in concentration camps. Had we not been spirited away; we would have been murdered alongside them.”

Absolutely Beautiful! Nicholas Winton, Thank You for being a light in the darkness, creating sustainable solutions, pointing the innocent in the way of safety, guiding them through the path of protection, ensuring that these precious souls were taken care of until they were able to take care of themselves.

You taught them to be compassionate, forward-thinking, passionate, and productive leaders, as you moved them in the direction that helped them achieve meaningful and productive goals while teaching and empowering them to live lives that matter and make a difference! AND, doing all of this not drawing any attention to himself; Sir Nicholas Winton, Here’s to YOU, Sir!

Even though Nicholas is no longer with us, I would like to thank him and everyone that took part in this mission for subscribing to and sharing this Dynamic Vision and Opportunity!

This testimonial and example have confirmed that we can do the same!

Again, this has proven it’s not the knowing. It’s the doing that transforms lives!

Let us never forget.

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