The Unicorn Puppy, Narwhal

The current internet sensation is Narwhal, a four-legged cute puppy that has an extra little tail growing on his forehead. He is most famously known and referred to as the “Unicorn puppy”.

Narwhal, The Unicorn Puppy

Rochelle Steffen the founder of Mac’s mission has rescued Narwhal. Mac’s mission is a non-profit non-government organization that rescues animals with special needs and those that have been abandoned.

The unicorn pup went viral when Mac’s mission posted a video about the unicorn puppy on facebook.

One of the most dying questions the public had was whether Narwhals face tail wags just like his other tail. Unfortunately, it doesn’t wag YET. Maybe with time, it will work in synch with his other tails. Imagine that happens!

Narwhal, The Unicorn Puppy

Narwhal, The Unicorn Puppy

Examinations conducted by the vets confirmed that Narwhal’s extra tail is harmless. It does not connect to anything and Mac’s mission has confirmed that it doesn’t bother Narwhal at all. In fact, he loves all the attention he’s getting. And what a reputation to keep up as a unicorn puppy.

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