The truth about the wicked saga of Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking
  • There was little Jeffrey Epstein wouldn’t do to fulfil his thirst for young women and girls.
  • Jeffrey Epstein was denied bail ahead of his trial. Where he was arrested in July 2019 on charges for sex trafficking.
  • Jeffrey Epstein died in jail, and his death was declared a suicide by the medical officers in New York.
  • Which included devoting millions of monies masterminding a worldwide sex trafficking operation.
  • Thereby destroying numerous innocent lives.
  • The story gained momentum with the arrest of his ex-girlfriend and long-time assistant Ghislaine Maxwell.
What do we know about Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein was a math teacher primarily in New York City at the elite Dalton School. However, in the 1970s, he went to work at the investment bank Bear Stearns before launching his own firm, J. Epstein and Co., in 1982. He provided his marketing services to those with large amounts of money. Thereby, the financier had ties with celebrities, politicians and royalty. Which has continued to be the talking point throughout the trial and also after his death. Further, he operated his company out of the U.S. Virgin Islands for tax reasons.

Even though it appeared as if he was wealthy and living a luxury lifestyle and giving a large sum of money to a wide variety of causes and charities. The source as to how he acquired large amounts of money remains a secret.

How it all began?

A year ago Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and a month after that died in custody, Which was ruled as a suicide. Despite his death investigators refuse to let this scandal go to the grave with him. They changed their notice to his high-profile friends.

Where following his arrest, Trump claimed that he has distanced from Epstein in recent years. “I had a falling out with him, I haven’t spoken to him in 15 years. I was not a fan of his, that I can tell you.”

Donald trump and Jeffrey Epstein
Donald trump and Jeffrey Epstein

Bill Clinton, former president of the United States held that eventhough he has flown with Epstein, he was unaware of Jeffrey’s criminal activity.

However, the most notable connection Jeffrey Epstein had was with Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew. Therefore, the FBI insisted an interview with Prince Andrew, who continues to dodge requests from the FBI for an interview but now there’s been a substantial breakthrough with the arrest of socialite Ghislaine Maxwell accused of being Jeffrey Epstein’s right-hand woman. She’s been charged with multiple child sex offences and for the first time in a long time, the countless victims in this wicked saga are feeling relief instead of terror.

The little son James in the Virgin Islands is a picture-perfect playground for the super-rich. However, it is now an abandoned Island and the keeper of terrible secrets. It is now a place haunted by what went on here at the hands of the now-dead Jeffrey Epstein. A man who knew no limits.

Jeffrey Epstein's private island
Jeffrey Epstein’s private island

Where he once claimed that he could do what he wants and that he was free to explore. In 2003 he told a reported that this island was his world ran by his rules. What a dark personality it was driven to sexually abuse countless young girls his private sanctuary an isolated prison known as pedo island. Where he would share the girls like prey with his rich and powerful friends.

One of the victims claims that they were not important to them and was basically regarded as a toy to be passed around. Therefore, even though Jeffrey Epstein may be dead but the fight for justice is not.

Hence, with the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, the most wanted woman in the world was found hiding out in New Hampshire. Jeffrey Epstein’s number-one co-conspirator was finally arrested after a year on the run. It is claimed that she helped Jeffrey Epstein exploit girls who were young as 14 years old.

Jeffrey Epstein with Ghislaine Maxwell
Jeffrey Epstein with Ghislaine Maxwell – Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking

Now a new criminal investigation on Epstein’s Caribbean island exposes the true extent of this predator’s shocking behaviour. What happened under the sink of little son James in the Virgin Island is truly horrifying. Which adds pressure on Prince Andrew still hiding in the palace refusing to be interviewed by the FBI.

Apart from the number of victims who have continued to confess. It’s the allegations of Virginia Roberts Giuffre that has had the most fallout around the world. Amongst many others, she claims Jeffrey Epstein trafficked her to Prince Andrew three times.

However, Prince Andrew close friends with Ghislaine Maxwell Denies the allegations. Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims that there were a lot of younger girls and that it was shocking. Prince Andrew met Epstein through Maxwell a British socialite daughter of disgraced media Baron Robert Maxwell.

It is claimed that Prince Andrew at the moment should be stressed and panicking with the recent arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell. Because it is thought that Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t really care about anyone and would do anything to gain her freedom.

Maria farmer, who met Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at New York Academy of art. She claims that Ghislaine Maxwell was very motivated to get the new vials. Which basically meant that Maria Farmer saw Ghislaine Maxwell looking for girls and then writing down their phone numbers and she would later see them in the mansion the next day. Which was a bit strange indeed.

Jeffrey Epstein claimed to help manage Victoria’s Secret and Ghislaine Maxwell was his eager model scout. Instead, Maria unwittingly witnessed that Maxwell was happily procuring girls to feed Epstein’s insatiable appetite for sex with teenagers and young women.

She further claims that after she went to the police to file a complaint against Epstein and Ghislaine. She was forced to give up her art career and was forced to hide. Due to the threats, she received from Ghislaine on a regular basis. She also claims that had the FBI investigated her complaints in 1996, it would have made a huge difference. Thereby, saving young girls who were continuously harassed by Jeffrey Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest

In July last year, the slippery Jeffrey Epstein was finally arrested and charged with sex trafficking a minor. He was arrested aboard his private jet. The years he used his wealth and power to avoid the full brunt of the law was finally coming to an end.

Bill Clinton and Maxwell pose at the door of Jeffrey Epstein's private Jet
Bill Clinton and Maxwell pose at the door of Jeffrey Epstein’s private Jet

Apprehended in New York with bail refused and with no other way out lawyer Brad Edwards believes Epstein killed himself in prison despite some speculation he was murdered. Brad represents victims and portrays Epstein as a mastermind sociopath one of his perplexing and dangerous enemies.

In the early 90s, the well-connected Christina Oxenberg a member of the Serbian Royal family and a cousin to the British royals met Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell his alleged madam now charged with procuring girls for him and sometimes joining in the acts.

It was very clear that with Epstein’s death that Maxwell would be on the run. But Christina claims that Epstein and Maxwell were desperate to be seen together. Because Epstein had the money and Maxwell had the connections.

Christina Oxenberg, claims that Ghislaine stated that she got her helicopter pilot’s license and that as a gift Epstein had bought her a helicopter. Which was basically to make sure that no one knew who they were with and what were they doing. She also claims that Ghislaine stated that the infamous Lolita express. Their private plane used to transport young girls and high-profile friends including Bill Clinton.

Epstein with bill
Epstein with bill – Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking

It was also revealed that the Lolita express was wired for audio and video. Justice has long been denied in this sordid case. In 2005 an investigation started into Epstein for the sexual abuse of more than 40 young girls in Florida.

Prosecutors had the evidence and the opportunity to put this sexual predator away for life. Instead, Epstein negotiated a secret seedy deal. Which meant that he would plead guilty for the lesser charge of unlawfully paying for sex with a teenager for which he would serve only a year in jail.

Surprisingly, the courts led off all other charges and incredibly his co-conspirators including Ghislaine Maxwell were given full immunity in Florida only for the crimes committed there between 2001 and 2007. Which means that the whole judicial system was fooled or rather biased against Epstein. Thus, denying the innocent victims justice.

With Ghislaine’s immunity deal in Florida, she went into a complete hideout. Where she settled into a luxury hideout aptly named tucked away in New Hampshire. However, one could state that listening to her court proceedings it can be said that she never expected to be chased down after her immunity period. Where it seems like she was in complete disbelief.

 U.S. Virgin Islands may have much deeper secrets.

Even though, Jeffrey Epstein’s utopia hideaway in the Virgin Islands may now lie deserted and isolated. It may hold the mysteries of a sex circle even more widespread than first thought.

Virgin Islands, Attorney General, Denis George paints a terrifying picture of what confronted the young souls. Who found themselves trapped?

She also claims that Jeffrey Epstein had taken possession of their passports and that the young girls very subjected to sexual assault, sexual exploitation and other sickening activities.

Which basically points down to the most crucial aspect of this whole scandal. Where the investigation shows the much broader scope of Jeffrey Epstein’s nefarious activities.

Prince Andrew’s controversy.
Prince Andrew and jeffrey epstein
Prince Andrew and jeffrey epstein

Virginia Roberts Giuffre continues to maintain that she was trafficked to the Prince by Epstein. Where she claims that she met the Prince in 2001, dined with him, danced with him and finally she went on to have sex with the Prince.

However, the Prince famously denied the allegations against him in the car crash interview with the BBC last year. Nevertheless, Prince Andrew is most likely sweating now with arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell. Where there is speculation that Maxwell would reveal all the dark and dirty secrets. Thereby naming all the men who were party to the inhuman abuse faced by the young girls.

Subsequently, the Duke of York’s legal team has released a statement stating that Prince Andrew was cooperating with the FBI investigation. However, the U.S. Department of Justice has revealed that Prince Andrew has simply stalled.

One could state that Prince Andrew would be a vital factor in the case against Epstein. Because the Department of Justice wants to interview him as a witness. As somebody, who was present at the sex trafficking and also as somebody who was close to Epstein. Also, Prince Andrew maybe considers as an accomplice.

Where were the victims abused?

Jeffrey Epstein’s Luxury properties on the island in Paris, New York, New Mexico and Florida are where so many of the innocent girls were abused. Where many of the victims claim that they were recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell and the other participants.

Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking island
Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking island

In the end, everybody needs to be held accountable that were involved with Jeffrey Epstein together with the crimes they’ve committed against the young beautiful souls.

It is claimed that about 50 to 100 girls were abused and are fighting for justice. Further, it is held that the victims might be paid to almost one million as damages for the mental tremor they’ve gone throughout the years following the vicious abuse at the hands of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine and the other participants.

Interestingly, Ghislaine Maxwell has also staked a claim on the Epstein estate demanding it pick up her legal bills.

As women Maria Farmer, Courtney Wild and Virginia Roberts Giuffre drew Frey are fighting against the unthinkable crimes done to them as teenagers.Therefore,with Jeffrey Epstein dead and Ghislaine Maxwell potentially facing more than 30 years in jail that fights now turns against the other co-conspirators.Who encouraged Epstein to inflict his monstrous acts on the most vulnerable.

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