The real sleeping beauty was RAPED! The dark side of DISNEY ,Childhood ruined!

The real sleeping beauty was RAPED
The real sleeping beauty was RAPED

The story of the Sleeping beauty as we all know, think she was awoken by this handsome dashing prince. Well sorry to break the news to you! Actually the Prince raped her.

The original fairytales were nothing like the Disney stories we read now, sanitized and whitewashed. Disney does a great job. The original story goes that as she was lying there, he came upon her and he was so besotted by his ego and desire to overpower and control. His feelings dominated by his earthly desires made him rape her.

According to Italian writer Giambattista Basile’s original version of Sleeping Beauty, the sleeping beauty wakes up not with a gentle kiss from the dashing prince, but from the birth of her children. The sleeping beauty wakes up when one of her children sucks her finger and takes out the poison, mistaking it for the bosom. According to the original story the queen tried to kill the prince as revenge. But eventually, the King murders her.

The Princess and the Frog

Princess and frog - sleeping beauty raped
Princess and frog – sleeping beauty raped

The frog prince, who must be magically released from his curse goes to the girl, whoever she was, this beautiful damsel, and begs for her to kiss him to get rid of the curse.

But the girl in this story, she’s smart and she will not be taken for a fool for the frog. Therefore, she slams the frog against the wall. The frog shatters his external egoic self. In certain versions of the story, the Frog Prince is turned back into a human after its head was cut off.


Cinderella - sleeping beauty raped
Cinderella – sleeping beauty raped

Cinderella, he just didn’t find her by slipping on the glass slipper. The first stepsister, cut her heel off and the foolish prince believed that it was her. And then the dove told him no, it isn’t her. Hence, the next step sister was a little smarter.

She cut off her toes to fit into the slipper. And again, the prince believed her until the dove said no. And then he found Cinderella.

But what a story. I know, dark and very dire to tell our children, but it teaches them subconsciously that do not lie passively waiting dependent on some prince because you will be screwed. In this case literally.

There is no kiss from another that will save you from your own dark, deep shadow. True love, our true soul partners will only be discovered after a process of discernment, discernment of self and other.

But none of these valuable life lessons are being taught to our children in the Disney stories. Life wasn’t supposed to be this way. This is what they told us as children, that life was this fairy tale. A parent who is unable to witness the child’s pain because of the parent’s own unresolved issues around pain, failure, disappointment.

That child who doesn’t witness will simply be unable to integrate pain in their own life and use it as a vehicle for growth. If only we realize that it is when we surrender to that emptiness, it is essentially fullness. And your earthly ego itself will only be shattered by a lot of pain. And after pain will come your humanity.

So that people no longer see pain as something so dark and dire and disruptive, something to be avoided at all costs. On the contrary, I see it as not only profound, but as inevitable, and one of the most powerful models of consciousness we can have.

Accept your pain.

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