Squid Game : 10 MUST KNOW FACTS about the Netflix series

The latest Netflix blockbuster Squid Game is topping charts all over the world. Director Hwang Dong Hyuk’s continuous efforts have been paid off finally. The Squid game writer and Director revealed that “Squid Game” was rejected for 10 long years by investors and was labelled WEIRD

In this article we reveal 10 UNKNOWN Interesting behind the scenes facts from the Hit TV series Squid Game

1. The TV series was named “Sixth Round” previously

The Squid Game was previously known as the “Sixth Round”.

Initially when creator Hwang Dong-Hyuk presented his collaboration with Netflix Squid Game was known as the “Sixth Round”

2. At the beginning Squid Game was supposed to be a MOVIE

In an interview with Variety, Hwang admitted that the Squid Game series was originally intended to be a feature film. The Korean filmmaker has made several successful films, some of which are at the forefront of Korean cinema, such as Silenced, The Fortress and the musical Miss Granny.

When Hwang originally wrote it as a movie, and when he decided to turn it into the series, he fleshed out the games more and added characters like Jun-ho, who wasn’t in the first draft.

3. Creator Hwang began the script 10 years ago

Hwang admitted that he started working on the script for the series in 2008 and had his first draft completed in 2009. It took him 6 months to write the first two episodes.

He told the Radio Times that at the time, such a story would be considered too violent by people, and he also had great difficulty casting or funding the project. It wasn’t until 12 years later that Netflix chose him, and Hwang said that similar stories full of violence and brutalism are now welcomed by viewers. The fact is that series like Hunger Games and Labyrinth were extremely popular, even though we saw almost no major brutality there.

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4. The walls in the dorm where the players sleep had clues to games

The walls of the so-called the dormitory in which the contestants sleep is first fully covered with beds, but when the beds are removed, we can see drawings on the walls that serve as guides for players in the next game they will play. In such series, quite innocent details are always the most important.

5. The doll from the first episode REALLY EXISTS in Jincheon District

The spooky oversized doll from the first episode of the series actually exists. It is located in Jincheon District, in a rural area about three hours north of Seoul (the capital). The creators allegedly just borrowed the doll. Currently, this scary doll guards the entrance to the horse museum.

6. The phone number from the first episode is REAL

Competitors join the game by calling an eight-digit number on mysterious business cards. Unfortunately, this number does exist and belongs to a man who said he received 4,000 calls a day. The presidential candidate also offered to buy the number from him. Anyone who calls him can be a potential voter.

The phone number the competitors called on the Squid Game is REAL

7. For the Dalgona Challenge, the crew brought in an expert to make real dalgona for three days while filming

The second game was dedicated to confectionery. These consisted of soda and sugar and looked like cookies. On each of these “cookies” is engraved an image – a triangle, a star, a circle or an umbrella. It is important that you get the engraved pattern out of the ham, but completely intact. The people at TikTok also tried it, and the creator of the Hwang series commented: “Me and the production team laughed at how people who would watch it on Netflix would do it, but it never occurred to me that this traditional Korean game will become such a viral! ”

8. To film the tug-of-war scene, a machine was used to “tug”

The cast has stated that tugging against the machine during filming was exhausting. They said that it was one of the most tiresome scenes on the show Squid Game

9. The coffins were shaped like gift boxes to signify the way the creator of the game felt as though he was a god, giving contestants a gift even in death.

The coffins on the game Squid Game were designed as gift boxes

10. There are no plans for the second series of SQUID GAME yet

The creator of the series, Hwang, said that he would like to look at other films before he gets to the second series: “I don’t have well-developed plans for the 2nd series. Just thinking about it is very tiring. And if I did, certainly not alone. I would like to have a room full of experienced screenwriters and directors. ” Almost every great series was filmed in a similar style, in short, one person cannot write all the episodes. But we hope to return to Squid Game in the coming years.

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