Sony PS5 India launch could be delayed because an Indian guy owns PS5 trademark

PS5 – ps5 trademark issue in india

Sony’s Playstation 5 is set for a global launch on November 12. The game console is then expected to go on sale in India later in the month. However, even as we near the date for the PS5 launch and hear rumors of its India price, Sony hasn’t been able to start pre-booking, or even announce an availability date for the product in the country.

And now it appears the reason behind this is the company not owning the trademark for the PS5 name in India. This information comes courtesy of the Mako Reactor which claims the trademark for the PS5 name in India was filed on October 29, 2019, by Hitesh Aswani, who apparently lives in Delhi, almost three months before Sony applied for the trademark as publicly viewable documentation.

He seems to be a mass manufacturer who will produce various goods in the name of PS5, like from video game machines to toys to sports to stationery goods.

PS5 trademark by Hitesh Aswani in India
PS5 trademark by Hitesh Aswani in India – ps5 trademark issue in india

As it stands, the filing is currently contested and even though the company is eventually expected to win the case, the issue at hand could delay the launch of the PS5 in India. Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a big name from the tech industry has had to deal with trademark and naming rights issues in India. Asus also had to deal with the same for its ZenFone series of phones last year.

Sony had filed an application in February 2020 for the PS5 trademark, however, the status of both the trademarks are ‘Opposed’. This wouldn’t have happened if Sony had trademarked the ‘PS5’ beforehand. Sony has already patented ‘PS6’, ‘PS7’,’PS8’,’PS9’, and ‘PS10’, which is crazy as we don’t even know whether we will ever see a PS10.

The PlayStation 5 has already been announced for select markets, with the console available in two versions, of which the standard version will come with support for a physical disc drive. This version will be priced at $500/500/450 while the Digital Edition without the disc drive will be priced at $400/400/360.

Sony has announced that the console will initially be available starting November 12 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. However, the rest of the world, including markets such as India, the console is expected to be made available a week later on November 19.

PlayStation 5 is the most powerful console from Sony to have been launched to date. It uses hardware based on the latest architecture and also promises next-gen graphics and support for up to 8K resolutions. In the market, it goes up against the next-generation Microsoft Xbox.

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