Same planet, different destinies

Nearly half of the world’s forcibly displaced people are children. Many children spend their childhood far away from home. In 2013, there were an estimated 51.2 million people displaced due to many reasons like conflict and persecution. These pictures show the post-war traumatic scenes.

Children living without parents are especially vulnerable, due to lack of adult protection and scarce economic resources.

Many children are subjected to rape and sexual violence as these are frequently used as “weapons” of war. Girls and young women may have babies as a result, or are so injured and maimed that they will not be able to bear children in the future.

The bombs and bullets of war often kill, maim, and disable children. Some are recruited to become soldiers and are placed directly in the firing line.

Children often experience disrupted or no schooling. One of the most damaging effects of war is the way it disrupts and destroys children’s education. There is much evidence that education is really the best weapon against poverty and conflict.

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