Random Cricket Fan Predicts the IPL 2020 Results; Winner Predicted?

Remember Paul – the Octopus from Fifa World Cup 2010? The miraculous octopus who rightly guessed the result of each and every single game of the tournament. Seems like we’ve got such a miraculous creature within the world of Cricket. But this time, he’s not an octopus, but a normal human being, and more importantly, an Asian.

The predictions made by the cricket fan.

Mitul, the 26 years old boy living in Ahmedabad, India calls himself the ‘Modern day ‘fortune teller’. On July 27, he uploaded a prediction on Twitter regarding IPL 2020:-

  • Virat Kohli will have an average IPL.
  • CSK will not qualify for the playoffs.
  • RR will be the last in the table.
  • KXIP will not qualify for the playoffs.
  • SRH will be the winners of the IPL2020.
  • RCB will qualify with DC AND MI.

Interestingly, the predictions have so far been right. The tweet has gone viral on social media and everybody is thinking about the secret behind this miraculous boy. Experts claim that this is merely a fluke and is once in a blue moon situation.

The tweet has already received 7.8k likes and 2.4k retweets. The boy recently uploaded another tweet boasting about the fact that his predictions were all right. After that, his tweets started to go viral.

Mitul is basically a writer in reality and he writes scripts and articles for a few media agencies. Oh, the irony of the whole thing. It is now going to be quite interesting to see whether his biggest prediction that  “SRH will win IPL 2020”, becomes a reality or not?

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