PS5 box AR Instagram filter: AUGMENTED REALITY Taken to the next level

PS5 box AR Instagram filter
PS5 box AR Instagram filter

If you’ve been scrolling through Facebook, you’ve probably seen a number of your friends with photos of the PS5 box. And if you look closely enough, you’ll see that it’s an image that’s superimposed via augmented reality (AR). And if you haven’t figured it out, it’s an Instagram filter.

But at any rate, with it, you’ll be able to take dishonest shots of your own involving the PS5. Who knows, you may just be able to convince someone that you do in fact own the upcoming next-generation console.

You can find the filter as an effect to be applied via the Instagram Story Camera. Once you’re there, scroll to “Browse Effects” and search for “PS5 box”. There are also effects of the console itself already available. But it’s probably easier to tell that they’ve been superimposed compared to the box.

Here’s how to use the filter: PS5 box AR Instagram filter

  1. Follow @aroneverything on Instagram. It’s called the PS5 BOX Instagram Story filter.
  2. See that emoticon in the middle (circled in red)? Tap on it to select the filter to use.
  3. Save the filter effect into your camera.

Alternatively, you can also save the filter effect by tapping on the PS5 BOX option on the top left of your friend’s story.

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