Pablo Escobar’s nephew finds drug lord’s $18M stash inside a wall

Nicolas Escobar, Pablo Escobar's nephew
Nicolas Escobar, Pablo Escobar’s nephew : image credits telegraph

He was ruthless a criminal mastermind, a smuggler, a drug lord he was Pablo Escobar. The notorious crime lord in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Apparently, he stashed his hand earnings on the walls of his home. Turns out Pablo Escobar’s nephew stumbled upon a whopping $18 Million along with some other incredible valuables in the walls of his uncle’s Colombian home. However, this is not the first time Escobar’s money has been found stashed away in random places. It’s a wild story and it’ll likely leave you wondering just what could be hidden away in the walls of your own home.

Nicolas Escobar told Colombian media that “a vision” led him to search the house in his uncle’s home city of Medellin. Several sightings of a mysterious man entering the house and disappearing also prompted him to look through the building. Every time I sat in the dining room and looked towards the car park, I saw a man entering the place and disappearing,” Mr.Escobar told Colombian TV channel Red+ Noticias.

Who is Pablo Escobar?

Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born on December 1st, 1949. Early in his life, his family moved to Envigado Columbia and it wasn’t long before the young Mr. Escobar started partaking in a life of crime. As a teenager, he would smuggle stereo equipment and would even steal tombstones so he could then resell them for profit that it wasn’t long before Escobar found his way into smuggling illegal substances. His success led him to build the infamous Medellin cartel where he served as the head of the organization. Overseeing the buying, selling, transporting, and trading of a certain white powder that’s derived from the leaves of the coca plant. You know what we’re talking about here people and if you don’t just ask everyone’s favorite mobster from the movie Scarface Tony Montana. We’re sure that he can clear things up for you. By the mid-1980s, Pablo Escobar was truly a drug lord at the top of his game and the Medellin cartel was the dominant force when it came to illegal activities.

When you’re the top dog.

You can bet you’ve got insane amounts of cash flown to you. Pablo Escobar’s estimated worth at this time was $25 Billion and he absolutely spent, he owned a 7000-acre estate in Colombia and was known to house all sorts of wild and exotic animals on the property including giraffes, hippos, and camels. He also owned property in Miami Florida, which is currently on the market for $15 Million. So yeah this guy was filthy rich but here’s where things started to get interesting because the money was coming in so fast Pablo Escobar was forced to stash it all over the place.

After all, banks didn’t want anything to do with Mr.Escobar’s dirty money. Therefore, he would put it in Swiss bank accounts but that wasn’t enough so he decided to shrink-wrap his money and stash it in plastic barrels. But that still wasn’t enough Escobar then started hiding it on his properties in walls, in basements. Nevertheless, we gotta say while we don’t condone making your money with illegal activities, we can’t deny that having so much money that you don’t know what to do with it is a pretty sweet problem to have.

Pablo Escobar's money
Pablo Escobar’s money

Pablo Escobar met his end in 1993 but he left much of his fortune unaccounted for, and it’s still out there to this day millions upon millions of dollars just out there waiting to be stumbled upon like when Pablo Escobar’s nephew Nicholas Escobar found an astonishing $18 Million hidden in the walls of his apartment in the city which was previously owned by his uncle and apparently until Escobar thought it would be a safe place to hide some of that incredible fortune.

The fortune that changed his life.

Nicholas Escobar did work for his uncle and had seen some pretty scary stuff in his lifetime and he had absolutely heard his uncle stashing his cash around his properties but with regards to his incredible find. He claims he had a vivid vision of where to look for the money that led him to search in the walls of his apartment behind the wall. He found a secret cove and there was a trash bag full of money.

What else did Pablo Escobar’s nephew find?

Pablo Escobar's nephew with his typewriter
Pablo Escobar’s nephew with his typewriter

A gold pen, satellite phones, a typewriter, and an undeveloped roll of film. Apparently, the smell was astonishing. A smell 10 times worse than something that had died. If you’re blown away by this story as we are you haven’t heard anything yet according to a book written by Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto much of his fortune. he’s still out there hidden away in millions upon millions of dollars that are out there right now just waiting to be dug up.

In fact, at least one-fifth of all the $100 bills in existence were buried in Colombia. In his book, the biggest headache was hiding the money “I created the system of collectors small hiding places in the wall. Also houses and apartments there could be as much as 5 Million in cash hidden in a single collector.” Pablo Escobar’s hidden fortune has absolutely captured the imagination of treasure hunters from around the globe. The rumors state that the money is most likely located on the estates of Mr. Escobar in Colombia, Mexico, and Florida, and over the years some truly amazing stashes of cash have indeed resurfaced.

The money that appeared from secret hideouts.

In November of 1989 £4 Million were found in 3 plastic hands of all things and they were dug up in Columbia. The next year £205 Million, as well as 150 kilograms of gold, was found. In 2009 £5 Million were found in the jungle where Escobar was known to partake in much of his illegal trading. He was known for. In 2015 £450 Million were found by 65-year-old Jose Kerr. Who was digging up the field to start a palm olive plantation. We’d venture to say that he won’t be farming again anytime soon after a find like that. However, it doesn’t stop their reports estimate that the Colombian government has only recovered $750 Million of the missing money and that is 10 times that amount which is still out there.

Hey, if you’re looking for a new home might want to consider looking at  Pablo Escobar’s previously owned estates but be warned you won’t be the only one looking at them. You may want to hire a bodyguard or two. Well, it seems like it may not be such a bad idea to take a look behind all the walls, floors, boards in your basement, and the attic to see if any notorious drug lord stashed his incredible fortune right where you live.

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