The Nigerian Nightmare dominates the resurrection

Watching a fight, it can be difficult to differentiate between a grin and a grimace, especially when the gleam is softened by crimson smears.

Jorge Masvidal, who made his name scrapping in backyards in Miami before joining the UFC, probably deserves the benefit of the doubt. Especially for taking this fight on short notice and traveling across the world and losing 20 pounds in six days, Masvidal is truly the baddest motherfucker in the fight game.

For every fist that welterweight champion Kamaru Usman burrowed into his challenger’s ribcage, for every shoulder that he hammered into ‘Gamebred’s jaw, for every cynical stamp, Masvidal’s face lit up but continued to never give up.

The Nigerian Nightmare dominates the resurrection
Usman methodically beat down Jorge Masvidal in the event of UFC 251 on Sunday in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Looking at the fight despite a rather dominating fight by the welterweight champion. One might argue that he was a bit cautious in picking his strikes while mixing it with his wrestling. Which he clearly stated in the post-fight conference where he credited Masvidal for his wrestling and was praised by Dana White as well.Usman’s a cautious approach was mainly due to the fact that Masvidal arguably being the greatest boxer in UFC at the moment which is showed in the opening rounds of the fight. Tempting Usman to switch to his wrestling skills.

The Nigerian Nightmare dominates the resurrection
Despite an early flurry from Jorge Masvidal, Kamaru Usman, left, stuck to his game plan and imposed his will with grappling and takedowns.

Thus the end result was certain as Usman worked his way towards victory by slowly picking apart Masvidal as he equals GSP’s record. However, it was quite clear that Masvidal had earned the champion’s respect as he praised him for his wrestling and the attitude he brought to the octagon. While both of them promising each other to run it back. It would be interesting to see where Masvidals goes from here and who the next opponent would be for Usman as the welterweight division is packed with competition.

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