Most shocking claims about Donald Trump by Mary Trump

Mary Trump exposes Donald Trump – Most shocking claims about Donald Trump

1. The United States president is often referred to as the most powerful man in the world. But Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump says the current POTUS is actually the most dangerous man in the world.

2. She’s so troubled by Trump’s abuse of his position. She says it’s her patriotic duty to take him down and thus why she wrote a brutal tell-all memoir.

3. The book is the ultimate insider’s account of a truly dysfunctional family. However, it has added substance because Dr. Mary Trump is also a clinical psychologist.

Her Analysis Of How Uncle Don Became Uncle Sam Is Not Just A Page Turner It’s A Horror Story.

When Donald Trump was elected four years ago, it was clear from the beginning that he was a president like no other with his overblown self-confidence and aggression. The brash New York businessman promised to make America great again.

It was obvious Trump took pleasure from humiliating anyone, who opposed him. Nothing was secret and no one was spared. Who could forget his venomous attack on Vietnam war hero John Mccain.

Donald Trump and John Mccain
Donald Trump and John Mccain – Most shocking claims about Donald Trump

As shameless as he often is, it’s probably only natural that the most powerful job on earth fuelled Donald Trump’s ego. However, for the last few weeks, that ego has been dented.

A critic who knows too much about Donald Trump and wants to be heard has stepped out of the shadows of darkness. Mary Trump, the president’s only niece is one of very few to know the real Donald Trump.

Mary Trump says that it’s her moral duty to save the world from another four years of chaos. Therefore, she’s ready to spill the secrets of Trump’s dysfunctional family life. Mary is not just a regular insider she is the ultimate Trump insider. Mary has a doctorate in clinical psychology. This gives her observations so much value about her famous uncle which is a worrying medical context.

The cover page of the book reads as to “how my family created the world’s most dangerous man”. Mary believes that it’s the truth and if Donald Trump weren’t in the White House then that wouldn’t be the case. She claims that he’s dangerous because of the power that attaches to the office he holds and because he’s very susceptible to powerful smarter people.

It’s very easy to get Donald Trump to do your bidding. This is clearly illustrated through a lot of evidence. Mary claims that by simply making him feel flattered the likes of Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin can stop the sanctions.

He’ll look the other way when you start building more nuclear missiles. It’s quite terrifying in addition to that we’re looking at someone who’s quite unstable. Therefore, the more pressure Donald Trump is under the more cornered he’s going to feel. Prompting Donald Trump lashed out at a different level and that’s what we will see in the next few months.

Meaning, Mary Trump is willing to put forward Donald Trump ahead of Kim Jong-un, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin and regard him as the most dangerous president. Simply because we are looking at someone who has control of the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. Thereby, making him more dangerous than other world leaders.

Despite her damning analysis. Mary is actually sympathetic to her uncle. The daughter of Donald Trump’s eldest brother says the trump siblings were always destined to be dysfunctional. To the outside world, Trump and his brothers and sisters appeared to have it all, wealth and comfortable existence in New York.

But the figure that loomed largest and the darkest was their father Fred. A successful real estate developer, who valued winning beyond anything else. At the center of all the chaos and all the problems appears to be Mary’s grandfather, Donald Trump’s father Fred.

Donald and Fred Trump
Donald and Fred Trump – Most shocking claims about Donald Trump

Mary claims that Fred is the origin or rather the ground zero of all of the family dysfunction. She has clearly stated it in the book and stands by it even today that Fred was a sociopath. Simply because Fred had no real human feeling for anybody. Including his children and was quite talented at using people to his own gain. And if Fred Trump discovers them to be of no use he had no compunction about discarding them.

Therefore, one can conclude that through his sociopathy Fred crippled his children emotionally. Especially his son Donald Trump.

Mary’s book also points down to one crucial aspect where she writes about her grandmother being absent emotionally due to her being ill. This absence has played a major role in the president’s ability to love. This is simply because of the very vulnerable age Donald Trump was in when his mother became very ill.

Leaving him in a state of betrayal because she didn’t have the capacity to heal rift even though she was capable of doing so. This stuck with Donald Trump and perhaps the final betrayal was when he was sent to military school because he was behaving so horribly and no nobody couldn’t control him. Mary Trump also claims in the book that the grandmother told her much later that she was relieved when Donald Trump was sent to military school.

Therefore, this might be a reason as to why women were second class to Donald Trump. Which points down to all the wives and the girlfriends and the playboy image and the access Hollywood tape and all the rest. It basically explains Donald Trump’s casual cruelty to women and the ease at which he objectifies them. Certainly, it doesn’t seem like Donald Trump ever had any real deep emotional connection with anyone.

But things could have been so much different for the trump family. Mary’s father Fred junior was the son destined to take over the family business. But when he refused as he wanted to pursue his own dreams of becoming a pilot, he earned the wrath of his father.

This basically meant that Donald Trump became the face of the family business. Therefore, he enthusiastically adopted his farther’s win at all costs attitude.

Mary Trump claims that her dad was incapable of being what her grandfather wanted and needed her father to be. Which was basically a lesson Donald Trump took to heart. Meaning, Donald Trump understood that to be like her dad, to be kind, to admit to your mistakes, to have interests outside of business, and making money was essential to be destroyed.

To say that you’re wrong or to show some sort of emotional empathy was seen as a weakness in the Trump household. Donald Trump learned that you can never admit that you’re wrong and that was considered a weakness. We’ve seen that very evidently with the Covid-19 situation in USA.

He didn’t do anything right away and then when it was almost past time to do the right thing he was just waving it off. Simply because that would have meant admitting that he hadn’t done the right thing initially. Therefore, the situation got more serious.

Which can be closely related to the idea of positive thinking. Which was observed and practiced by Mary’s grandfather. Mary claims that the grandfather took it to a different height that it became a kind of toxic positivity.

Thereby, moving on to consider the use of grandiose terms by Donald Trump. For this Mary Trump claims that he learned that in order to protect not just from his father but also be favored by his father. He needed to be this character, who was larger than life, great, fantastic, and the toxic positive thinking.

This was basically to convince Fred Trump senior that Donald Trump belonged to this planet and that he should survive and succeed in order to be favored by Fred.

The Stingy Trump Family.

Donald Trump's Family
Donald Trump’s Family – Most shocking claims about Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump has spent her entire life watching her famous uncle. Where in her book she has exposed the whole trump family. The common theme being the prime motivator undoubtedly seems to be money. When it comes to the Trumps it’s all about the money.

Mary Trump claims that money is the only currency in the family. Meaning, it stands in for everything else such as love, affection, respect. As per Mary’s book, she claims that it’s understandable that her family members would cling to it so desperately and want to acquire it.

Therefore, Mary understood that in the Trump family great wealth didn’t equal great generosity. Especially at Christmas. Which was basically highlighted by Mary in her book. Where she claims that they were gifted second-hand presents for Christmas.

She claims that despite the miss treatment it was quite funny. However, she claims that the presents were at time quite hysterical. Meaning, to have your uncle and his wife, who were extremely wealthy to gift her a three pack underwear for Christmas was a bit beyond the pill.

Also, the book refers to a handbag they gave Mary’s mother with a used Kleenex tissue in it. This basically shows that Donald Trump didn’t even recognize that they were presents that he had given Mary. This clearly shows that the Trump family was a place filled with wealth but family members within suffered. Clearly portrayed by Mary Trump in her book.

The humiliation of Fred Junior.

Fred Trump Jr
Fred Trump Jr – Most shocking claims about Donald Trump

Even though, it seems like Mary Trump found it funny and can laugh it off. But what Mary Trump can never forgive is the Trump family’s humiliation of her father Fred Junior. The elder brother was cast aside in favor of the younger Donald Trump, who had the killer instinct.

At 42, Fred Junior was an alcoholic and had lost his home and marriage. He was living with his parents and was slowly dying. Mary Trump claims in her book that none of the Trumps visited Fred Trump Junior. When he was in his deathbed.

Mary Trump claims that her grandfather had basically given up on Fred Trump Junior. Simply by just watching him deteriorate physically and emotionally just made the grandfather angry. Thereby, continuing the humiliation.

Therefore, when Fred Trump Junior was very sick, Mary’s grandfather thought that it was over. Hence, for Mary Trump, the grandfather not visiting her father and especially her two uncles. One being Donald Trump might be the most damning thing that she could point out about them as people.

Mary Trump goes on to claims that despite knowing that Fred Trump Junior was ill, Donald Trump chooses to see a movie that evening. This clearly shows the cruelty behind the white face and the emptiness.

After Freddy Junior’s Death.

Her father’s death left Mary exposed and vulnerable but it would take 18 years before she realized how bad it was. In 1999 Tump patriarch, Fred Senior died and Mary’s inheritance was all but cut. She sued her uncle Donald and his siblings arguing they had coerced her grandfather to change his will.

The case eventually settled under confidential terms. Today Mary Trump insists that her memoir is not a payback but rather an attempt to correct the record and counter the Trump spin.

Furthermore, Mary Trump claims in her book that Donald Trump and the rest of the family destroyed her father and that she cannot let him destroy my country.

Is The Memoir To Avenge The Memory Of Her Father.

Mary Trump claims that the book is not at all to avenge her father because when Donald Trump had spoken about her father,Trump referred to him as an alcoholic and also never speaks about her father’s accomplishments.

Therefore, it’s more like a description as to who Fred Trump Junior truly was together with his accomplishments and not simply by the reference made by Donald Trump.

Taking into account her wordings used in the book which states that she cannot let Donald Trump destroy her country might not be the best turn of phrase because she cannot do it single-handedly. But it’s her duty to make sure that the people are informed. So that they can understand what’s going on with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s Cheating Scandal.

Mary Trump states in her book that Donald Trump managed to arrange for somebody else to take his university entrance exams. Mary trump claims that she was surprised as to how surprised people were by the SAT story. When the book first came out just as surprised at the reaction to his use of racist and anti-semitic language.

This basically resembles her grandfather’s thinking pattern. That is to do whatever you need to succeed. It can be cheating, lie, and work with the mafia. A serious claim by Mary Trump that Donald Trump had got someone else to sit for his paper is something she firmly and responsibly says.

This Is Not The First Time.

Mary Trump's book
Mary Trump’s book – Most shocking claims about Donald Trump

Mary’s book is not the first time she’s attempted to show her uncle’s true colors. She admits that she was the source for a 2018 report in the New York Times about the origins of Donald Trump’s wealth.

It shattered the myth formulated by the president that he was a self-made man by proving his business ventures were really propped up by his father’s money.Where Mary Trump claims that nobody has failed upward as consistently and spectacularly as Donald Trump. This basically points down to Donald Trump as a person who bankrupted casinos which is a hard thing to do. Who was then given a TV show in the early 2000s. Which portrayed him as this real estate mastermind. This basically means that ever failure along the way has been met with more money thrown at Donald Trump by the banks. More glowing media coverage about what a brash brilliant guy Donald Trump is.

This means that it has taken a lot of people to help him fail upward. Then the other question would be why so many people around him want him to keep going if he is so useless.

Mary Trump claims that this is because even though he’s useless but with the power, he has their willingness to put up with or overlook or ignore entirely his behavior, his crassness, and his incompetence.

President’s Reply.

Predictably, the president has come out swinging against his niece and her memoir. The president claims that this memoir is a lie for which Mary Trump claims that’s what she expected the president to do.

She also claims that he cannot help himself and that there is no way that he would admit to any of the allegations made by Mary Trump. It’s basically a very personal put down for which Mary Trump claims that it is his usual reply.

That is Donald Trump directly going to the personal ad hominem attack is the most expedient way of replying.

Before The Next Election.

Mary Trump claims that her aim is to make people see the real Donald Trump. It really boils down to a simple message that is Donald Trump is not going to get better and he’s going to get worse.

That should be enough to make people think long and hard about how they cast their next vote.

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