Mike Tyson returns after 17 prolonged years.

Mike Tyson returns after 17 prolonged years. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones have both established they’re going to meet each other in an eight-round exhibition bout in September.

The former world heavyweight champion has not been seen within the ring since 2003, when he lost to journeyman Kevin McBride.

An idea of Mike Tyson returning to the ring was fuelled when he shared filmed pad workouts on social media with Legendary MMA trainer Rafael Cordeiro is one of the best striking coaches in the fight game, who comes from the Chute boxing(it’s like the legendary team of moderators from Brazil).

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones
Mike Tyson returns – Mike Tyson and Roy Jones

Mike’s return to professional boxing would be the most anticipated return because him working with Cordeiro means that he’s here to overshadow his opponents.

On the other hand, Jones Jr is a four-weight world champion and won the heavyweight world championship in 2003, the same year Tyson last fought. Roy Jones Jr has been training with Chris Eubank Jr during the COVID-19.

He wrote on Instagram: “I am happy that this fight between me and Tyson will happen! I was always ready and will be ready this time as well. I want all my fans to support me and tune in. It’s gonna be epic”

Roy Jones Jr claims he didn’t take an exhibition fight against Mike Tyson for money. At this point in his life, all he cares about is getting in the ring with a fellow all-time great boxer.

Roy jones Jr once turned down £33m to fight Tyson – but now they’re finally set to fight eachother in their 50s.

What do we know so far?

The fight will happen at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. Formerly referred to as Home Depot Center and StubHub Center, the location is the home of the Los Angeles Galaxy.

However, none will be in attendance due to the current situation regarding COVID-19. Jones and Tyson are going to be fighting on pay-per-view also on the multi-media platform, Triller.

The entertainment program (introduced to rival Tik-Tok) has also obtained exclusive streaming rights to the soon-to-be-released, ten-part docuseries featuring behind-the-scenes, pre-fight footage, releasing two episodes per week leading up to the match.

A three-hour live experience airing worldwide, the Tyson vs. Jones bout is set for eight rounds and will be one of the multiple exciting fights taking place during the airing.

How will the undercard look like?

According to US journalist Kevin lole, a series of bouts featuring boxers and MMA fighters are being lined up for the undercard.YouTube star Jake Paul, brother of Logan Paul, has confirmed he will be challenging former NBA star Nate Robinson before the main event.

This program will include iconic musical performances to be announced within the coming weeks.

Jake Paul and Nate Robinson
Will it be a licensed bout?

The showcase fight has been approved by the California State Athletic Commission, although both men will wear larger, 12-ounce gloves.

Roy Jones Jr has revealed The Athletic he plans to weigh around 205lbs for the bout, making it a heavyweight clash.

Neither man will wear a head guard for the bout, with executive Andy Foster confirming to Yahoo Sports the mood will be quite sombre.

“This isn’t a situation where they’re going out there to try to take each other’s heads off,” Foster said.

“They’re just going to be in there moving around the ring and letting fans see these legends.”

What is the ultimate goal?

It is in the end about trying the water to see if they can actually get something the co-ordinators call the “Legends League” off the charts. It’s ultimately about seeing how effective the event would be and whether it’ll be viable.

Which points down to one factor that is whether they can transfer or shift the accomplishment of the bout to the Legends League inorder to build a much larger audience.

I’m sure it’s enjoyable to a degree, but it’s crazy.

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