Mason Greenwood’s Girlfriend LEAKS pictures and audio of abuse

Mason Greenwood’s partner Harriet Robson shocked her Instagram followers by leaking photos and audio files where the 20-year-old can be heard forcing himself on her. In this article we have posted below the LEAKED audio clip and images of Mason Greenwood’s abuse on his girlfriend

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Harriet Robson that goes on Instagram with the username @hasrobson leaked images of the physical abuse she had gone through.

The 22-year-old model is heard saying she ‘didn’t want to have sex’ but then Greenwood forcefully makes her comply anyway.

In one of the leaked audios, the Manchester United forward is heard shouting: “Move your f*** legs up you t***! Push me one more time and see what happens to you.”

One of the audio files she shared on Instagram has been posted below (audience discretion is advised as the audio is disturbing):

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