Lamborghini partners with Xiaomi to create electric go-kart

Italian Automotive giants Lamborghini has partnered with Chinese company Xiaomi to create the ultimate electric Go-kart for drifting enthusiasts. This fun little machine is known as the Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini edition.

The Ninebot Lamborghini GoKart is based upon an electric scooter. By simply removing the base, the go-kart can be used as an electric scooter as well. Basically this means the little electric machine is composed of two vehicles. So if you want a scooter you can use it as one or as a go-kart that is perfect for drifting around the corners. The Ninebot GoKart is priced at a hefty $1446 when compared to a regular go-kart that you can get. But don’t forget this is a Lamborghini!

Hands on review by Xiaomify,

Lamborghini Xiaomi electric go-kart
Lamborghini Xiaomi electric go-kart

The body of the Gokart was designed by Lamborghini by paying attention to aerodynamics and ensuring maximum driving enthusiasm. Since the GoKart is an electric, Xiaomi has added 4 speakers. These 4 speakers can be used to either play music via Bluetooth or emit sounds that mimic the V8 or V12 of a real Lambo.

Specifications of Ninebot GoKart Pro

Lamborghini Xiaomi electric go-kart
  • Based on a two-wheel electric scooter base.
  • Consists of 4 different driving modes.

The driving modes are safe, novice, sport and track. These modes can be changed by the app provided by Xiaomi

  • Top speed of 24.9 mph
  • Powered by a 432 watt hour battery pack

This means that Ninebot can complete almost 62 laps around a 400 meter track

Design and ergonomics

  • Made up of a steel frame that has the ability to carry a weight of 220 pounds
  • Multi-layered front lip to cushion and absorb any impacts
  • Side anti-collision barriers for added safety
  • Aerodynamically designed tail to increase downforce
  • The bucket seat and special nonslip steering wheel design.
  • Rear tires are made slightly bigger to improve drifting capabilities while the front tires are designed for extra grip
  • Completely portable design that can be folded and thrown in the boot of your vehicle.

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