Johnnie Walker to cease production to provide a more sustainable solution

Starting next year, Johnnie Walker fans will be able to pour their whisky from a planet-friendly bottle.

This was confirmed on Monday by the British spirits company ‘Diageo’ that owns the brand .This concept which is introduced as a build from a sustainable source of wood is expected to debut next year. The paper whisky bottle will be manufactured by the use of wood pulp.

While most Johnnie Walker products are sold in glass bottles, the spirit giant is looking for ways of using less glass across its brand with the motive of trying to raise awareness to prevent pollution as power glass furnaces, many of which use natural gas to melt raw materials are harmful to the environment.

The idea is that customers would be able to drop them straight into recycling. This is a huge plus point taking into account the statistics according to ING analysts, in Europe 8.2 million tons of plastic and glass were used to package food and drink in 2018.

Therefore, if it is successful it might be a major step towards sustaining the environment and preventing the use of plastic and glass and reducing pollution. This can and will be used as a blueprint by other major companies in the future, thereby safeguarding the mother nature to its future generations.

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