Is ‘The Voice Sri Lanka’ Staged? Reasons Why!

The Voice, one of the world’s most famous reality television competitions has made viewers feel that the entire show is staged and scripted. As “The Voice “has become an international franchise several countries have been given the rights to host the show. Viewers from around the world have come across several occasions where the show seems to have been scripted.

From condemned decisions made by coaches to favoritism to contestants, the reality TV show has faced its fair share of backlash throughout. Even though the coaches seem to turn their back during the blind auditions there have been several accusations that coaches know who the contestant is. Contestants and viewers from several countries have accused the show for certain scenarios which pretty much shows that the reality TV show is well scripted.


A recent incident that brought the International reality TV show “The Voice” is when The Voice Sri Lanka brought forward a contestant by the name of Julius Mitchell. Julius Mitchell is a well-known character within the music industry. He is one of the pioneers in beatboxing in Sri Lanka and an amazing artist who has gained so much popularity within the music industry in the country.

When Julius turned up as a contestant at “The Voice” Sri Lanka, his blind audition blew away the judges. The judging board consisted of a number of Sri Lankan Veterans in the music industry such as Bathiya and Santhush, Umaria ,Kasun Kalhara and Shashika Nisansala. The judges Bns and Umaria were awestruck by his amazing performance where Julius merged together his beatboxing skills and his amazing voice. What surprised many viewers is how Bns and the other judges acted as if Julius was just a newbie to the industry. There is no way that none of them had ever heard of Julius.

After the audition was telecasted, viewers took up to social media to dig up a few archives. Some of these archives show how Julius himself has been a judge in certain competitions along with other big names in the music industry.

Instances Julius shared the stage with BnS and Umaria

In several instances, Julius and Bns had performed on the same stage. SO HOW CANNOT BnS NOT KNOW SOMEONE WHOM THEY SHARED THE STAGE WITH?

The way the judges acted as if they had never heard of the ever-so-talented artist Julius Mitchell is very surprising. This incident has literally portrayed that “The Voice” Sri Lanka is somewhat staged and scripted.

Bathiya and Santhush, Julius Mitchell in euphoria 2018
Bathiya and Santhush, Julius Mitchell in euphoria 2018: Credits Xtreamyouth

Another Music workshop by the name of “Lets Talk Music” organized by a leading hotel chain in 2013 also shows how Julius is present at the same workshop with some of the judges. This workshop was held specifically for leading musicians and Artists in Sri Lanka to engage with Apache Indian and Grammy-nominated producer Jim Beanz.

Umaria with Julius Mitchell
Umaria with Julius Mitchell Credits : Cinnamon hotels

Bathiya with Julius Mitchell Credits
Bathiya with Julius Mitchell Credits : Cinnamon hotels

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