Is Call of duty mobile banned?

Following the release of Call of Duty Mobile season 8 : The Forge, there has been a massive increase in reports where the game is allegedly crashing on several ios platforms. With websites such as Downdetector showing increasing cases at around 5.00 PM GMT.

So far, No updates have been provided at the time of writing this article, no updates have been released from their website or the official twitter account,

There also claims to be rumors around the fact that the game has been temporarily banned from IOS due to an issue regarding its terms and policies however, these claims have not been verified and Apple, the company behind the huge mobile platform, has not provided any official statement regarding the matter.

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Within the duration of publishing this article, no official or verified statements have been made, this is causing a massive inconvenience to players worldwide who have been waiting to get first hands-on with the new update of the rapidly growing PVP FPS

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