How to Clean your messy guitar at home!

Many of us face problems in maintaining guitars these days! Whether it’s an acoustic, classical or an electric with time if it’s not cleaned it tends to mess with the tone and the look of your guitar. Most guitarists face this problem when they purchase a new guitar and they tend to overlook the one they currently own. It might stay on a wall for a couple of months or maybe years for that matter. But with these simple steps and things you find lying around in your house, you can turn your old guitar into a brand new looking one!

Let’s first take a look at what we need in terms of equipment or material we need to start the process.

  1. Half a lime squeezed to juice
  2. 1 teaspoon of olive oil
  3. A few sprays of perfume
  4. A clean cloth
  5. A decently clean cloth
  6. A candle
  7. The most technical instrument of it all ……. an old toothbrush!
What we need to Clean your messy guitar at home

For this test I’m using an old Samick box guitar of mine that has been lying around in my store room for a couple of years! I removed the strings of the guitar before I started “Project clean guitar” on it!

Dusting off!

As the first step, take the “decently clean cloth” and give your guitar a good wipe! No technical way of doing this right, just dust it the way you dust your pantry so the particles lying around does not get muddy when you use the liquid ingredients on it!

Mixing liquid Ingredients

Once you’re done dusting your guitar, take all your liquid ingredients and mix it until it comes to a uniform texture as shown in the image above. Now take the clean cloth, soak it in the liquid, and apply it first on the fretboard! Give it a rub like you mean it!

Applying oil, How to Clean your messy guitar at home
applying oil
This is the way we brush our teeth!
brushing ,How to Clean your messy guitar at home

If you know to brush your teeth, this would not be a tough task! Take the old toothbrush and brush your fretboard till all the grub on the frets come off! The strings on the toothbrush are too soft to damage the wood on your fretboard so go all out!

Once you’re done with the brushing, give your fretboard and neck a good wipe so the brushed off grub stains your cloth!

A Candle? Really?

Yes really! Candles are made with wax, so here goes nothing! Start colouring your fretboards with the candle you have picked. Be careful not to use a great amount of downward pressure as your fretboard might get damaged!

Candle draw, How to Clean your messy guitar at home
Candle draw

Once you’re done with the drawing, give it a good polish with a clean cloth. I’m sure everyone knows how to polish their shoes! Just follow the same rub on your guitar!

Polishing, How to Clean your messy guitar at home
Final steps

You could apply the same liquid on your guitar body, but do this with caution as different wood finishes react differently to liquids! If you believe you need that shiny look on your guitar body as well, use the same toothbrush, soak it in the remaining liquid and spray it on to the body! Then give it a clean wipe using a clean cloth and make your guitar look good as new!

Here are some before and after images of my guitar! Your guitar could look the same, or maybe even better! Give a new life to your old guitar! Love your instruments!

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