How Jacob Blake Survived Seven Gunshots?

Jacob Blake Survived
Jacob Blake Survived

In the wake of the horrific Kenosha Shooting, Jacob Blake survived the shooting incident. Even though, Jacob Blake survived he was paralyzed after being shot seven times by an officer. It is not clear if he will walk again.

Even though the injuries suffered by Jacob Blake remain unknown, he remains in critical condition. Reporters claim that Jacob Blake suffered gunshot wounds to the abdomen and the spine, where at least two bullets went through the spinal cord. Which would leave Jacob Blake paralyzed from the waist down.

Over the last 20 years, the chances that a person will survive a critical gunshot wound have increased substantially, perhaps by around 30 to 40 percent, claims Dr. Thomas Scalea, professor of surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Centre, who has treated many patients with gunshot wounds over last few years.

Thus the most important factor, in terms of a person’s survival odds, are the location of the injury, the amount of blood lost, and how quickly the victim is transported to the hospital. Being shot in the trunk or torso is more life-threatening than being shot in an extremity.

The injuries sustained by Jacob Blake clearly shows that despite the two bullets piercing through the spinal cord. The remaining bullets haven’t caused a considerable amount of damage to the organs. Which can be a reason as to why Jacob Blake survived the fatal shooting.

Jacob Blake and kids
Jacob Blake and kids

For example, being shot in the left half of the heart for the most part causes more seeping than being shot on the right side of the heart, on the grounds that the right side has a lower pulse. The fundamental worry with shots which include the digestive system or stomach isn’t dying, however, diseases that outcome from spillage of the substance of those organs.

Therefore, Jacob Blake surviving the fatal shooting is indeed a miracle. However, despite the survival of the fact that the remaining bullets might have damaged the intestines. Thus leaving Jacob Blake vulnerable to infections.

However, the development of technology both technically and with the changes to the trauma practice has led to an increase in the percentage of people who survive gunshot wounds. Which is one specific reason as to why Jacob Blake survived the fatal shooting.

Hence, despite the miraculous survival it’s not going to be easy but it is possible to still have a good life.

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