Ellie Goldstein, GUCCI model with Down syndrome

Beauty is everywhere and exists in everyone

A teenage model with mongolism has starred during a Gucci Beauty campaign, which has been featured online by Italian Vogue.

Ellie Goldstein, an 18-year-old model is a star of the new Gucci Beauty campaign for the brand’s L’Obscur mascara, shot by London-based photographer David PD Hyde. Hyde’s aim, he said, was to “push the boundary of beauty by having different types of lovely faces and convey them together as one unity,” to point out that “beauty is everywhere and exists in every person.”

Ellie Goldstein, GUCCI model with Down syndrome
Ellie Goldstein, GUCCI model with Down syndrome

The series of pictures have proved to be the brand’s most exclusive. Nonetheless with its newest face representing a gaggle that has long been diminished within the industry and bullied within the society.

Goldstein, who became a model for the Italian fashion house’s colour cosmetics range, was scouted through a social media program launched by Gucci Beauty in partnership with Vogue  


  • Gucci’s newest star is an 18-year-old model with Down mongolism.
  • Goldstein won a contest called #theguccibeautyglitch on Instagram.
  • A picture of Goldstein is the most liked picture on the Instagram page.

The project was launched because of a collaboration between Gucci Beauty and  Photo Vogue Festival,a festival which will take place for the fifth consecutive year this November.

Ellie Goldstein, an 18-year-old model, is represented by Zebedee Management, a talent agency “created to extend the representation of individuals who have so far been excluded within the media.”

Ellie Goldstein, GUCCI model with Down syndrome
Ellie Goldstein

“I designed L’Obscur mascara for an authentic one that uses make-up to inform their story of freedom, in their way,” said Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci.“We called it L’Obscur because this word balances charm and mystery,” he added.

Subsequently,the image which was posted on Instagram

, presently have over 800,000 likes. Which is the most liked picture in the page.

In the comment section, Goldstein expressed her gratitude towards Gucci Beauty for featuring her in the campaign.”I love this. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and a fabulous day shooting,” the model said.Several Instagram users also shared messages of admiration for Goldstein. “Beauty beyond limits,” one person said, while another described her as a “shining soul.”

It is heart-warming to discover people representing a another cross section of the society gets a chance to express their feelings and talk to millions around the world.While giving hope to those who are suffering due to various issues and diseases.Hopefully this is a minor steps towards something bigger,better and brighter,which will continue to motivate children and also their parents to show that there is hope within the society for youngsters of various backgrounds to shine just like the famous celebrities.

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