Ellen’s giveaways are a hoax!The story of Achieng Agutu

Ellen’s charity giveaways are a hoax. Back in May 2019, Ellen Degeneres wanted an African story to stage an amazing giveaway. This is when Achieng Agutu, a fan of Ellen obliged to help her.  Under their ‘Million Dollar May’ collaboration with Walmart on her popular talk show, Ellen gave out cash to several deserving people and Achieng Agutu was selected as one such individual. Little did the viewers knew that the giveaway was staged with the intent of fooling the viewers.

Ellen’s charity giveaways are a hoax. The story of Achieng Agutu
Ellen’s staged giveaway

Achieng Agutu came on stage and painted a portrait of a kid living in poverty. She prepared a story about how her family struggled to give her a basic education, resulting in selling their land to source money for her education. Ellen broke the ice by asking her the question “I hear that you learned English from watching my show?” The question created a sense of false awareness amongst the viewers. Ellen showed how thrilled she was to know how her talk show inspired an African kid to learn English.

Achieng’s claims to learning English by watching the Ellen show sparked so much rage within Kenyans. As a result social media started flooding with posts claiming Achieng’s statements were false. The medium of instruction in Kenyan schools is English. Even the nation Swahili based creole is full of English words. Achieng’s claim on Ellen that she learned English directly targeted an insult to the Kenyan education system.

Later on Achieng narrated how she juggled several jobs whilst studying to keep her American dream alive.

Some of the jobs Achieng claimed to juggle were;

  • Admissions Counsellor
  • Babysitting
  • Washing cars
  • Cleaning houses
  • Uber driver
  • Teaching English to international students

Ellen’s staged giveaway went horribly wrong. Ellen’s reputation was on the line as viewers especially Kenyans started to dig up about Achieng Agutu.

Ellen’s charity giveaways are a hoax. The story of Achieng Agutu
The story of Achieng Agutu

Achieng’s Instagram clearly depicted her lavish life. Her Instagram feed was far from being a poor person’s lifestyle.

Link to Achiengs Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/noordinarynoire/

Later on, Achieng expressed to Ellen her grief of not seeing her parents and brother for a really long time. Ellen created a false grievous scene in that episode to touch the hearts of the viewers. Finally, Ellen surprises Achieng by revealing her family who was hiding backstage. This incident proved to be a false statement as images erupted on social media of her family present at her graduation less than a year before her episode went on air as a result.

The youtube video below directs you to the staged giveaway episode where her parents came on stage ;

Achieng Agutu’s claims labelled as false spread among the public as several legit information surfaced about her trueself.

The Lavish life

Achieng’s instagram account showed that she has travelled to many parts of the world. Some of the countries include Qatar in Doha, Machu Picchu in Peru, Bali in Indonesia, Tulum in Mexico and even Yves Saint Laurent’s Private Residence in Marrakech, Morocco.

Another post emerged of Achieng enjoying a vacation at the stunning Casa Malca, a five-star Mexican resort near Tulum formerly owned by the late Pablo Escobar.

Ellen Degeneres simply used Achieng as bait and took advantage of the notoriously widespread US illiteracy about the rest of the world.


Achieng completed her Bachelors Degree in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication at Goshen College in Indiana.

Digging into Achieng’s LinkedIn profile shows that before attending Goshen College, she had attended Richmond High School, Indiana, and the prestigious Braeburn International School.

Ellen Degeneres fooled her viewers to such an extent. If her picking of Achieng was random, how did Ellen manage to fly her family into the US easily? We all know how difficult it is to get US visas. The whole stunt must have been planned long in advance and just shot to look spontaneous.

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