Does Elon Musk use the same black magic ball, Sri Lanka president Rajapaksa used to manipulate their followers to believe him blindly?

Elon musk posted the following picture earlier today on his official twitter account.

Elon Musks post on Twitter

Take a closer look at the image below. Note the weird-shaped, paranormal-looking ring between the forefinger and middle finger. The story is that Mahinda Rajapakse had spent millions to get that mesmerizing device made up by a Hindu black magic man.

The same device can be seen on Elon Musk’s bedside table.

Elon Musk’s Ex-Girlfriend has been accused of witchcraft as well.

Grimes ( Elon Musk’s Ex-Girlfriend)

Grimes often features dark occult themes in her music videos and likes to post pictures of her mystic books. Grimes – the ex-partner of Elon Musk – carries out extreme practices while recording which involves barricading herself for three weeks in a room without food and company.

She said: “Once you hit day nine, you start accessing some really crazy s***. “You have no stimulation, so your subconscious starts filling in the blanks. I started to feel like I was channeling spirits. I was convinced my music was a gift from God. It was like I knew exactly what to do next as if my songs were already written.”

Elon musk with Grimes

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