5 dead celebrities and stars who were awful in real life but treated as saints now

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There are several celebrities whom we adore based on the characters they play on the silver screen. But in real life they are known to be rude, arrogant and awful celebrities. This is sometimes difficult to digest for fans of these late respective celebrities. Some of the big names in the industry who have passed away are treated as saints and adored by many fans. But little do they know that these celebrities were awful, mean and rude celebrities in real life.

In this article we have listed 5 late celebrities who were awful in real life and are adored and treated as saints now. This might come as hard news to fans of these old celebrities. We have put together these names and their stories from people who knew the true side of these late celebrities. Brace yourselves maybe your favorite celebrity is a proper knob head in real life.

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1.   John Lennon

John Lennon considered a rock legend was actually the one of the most horrible people in real life. His hit solo “Imagine” which portrayed peace and harmony was not reflected at all from his true self. John Lennon was an abusive character who was labelled as a wife beater. Both his wives have revealed the type of abusive person John Lennon really was. Not only did he abuse women he even abused his son both physically and emotionally. John referred to his son once as “the result of a drunken night”.

Julian Lennon son of John Lennon grew to despise John Lennon enough to tell Paul McCartney that he wished Paul was his father.

As a summary John was a hypocrite and an abusive man. He preached love and peace and living a simple life while being a violent controlling man and living in luxury. He is definitely one of the most awful celebrities who many people adore him still. Read more about his unpleasant and evil side here

2.   Jerry Lewis

US comedy icon Jerry Lewis is said to be mean and evil person in real life. One of his sons named ‘Gary” said “Jerry Lewis is a mean and evil person. He was never loving or caring toward me or my brothers.” Jerry even cheated on his wife and was found bedding with Marilyn Monroe.

Youngest son Joseph told one newspaper that he had “physically and mentally abused all his kids on a routine basis”. It led to Jerry cutting Joseph out of his life. When Joseph died penniless from an overdose in 2009, aged 45, Jerry failed to make any comment or offer to pay for the funeral.

3.   Frank Lloyd Wright

The legendary visionary architect Frank wright was a horrible person IRL. According to redditors he was a Raging narcissist, abandoned his wife and kids to run off with the wife of one of his clients, nailed down his selected furniture in a client’s home because he didn’t like what the client wanted, etc.

4.   Bing Crosby

Bing Crosy the famous American singre famous for his Christmas Carols such as white Christmas and winter wonderland was physically and mentally abusive to all his kids, alcoholic and an adulterer. He was definitely one of the most awful celebrities in real life that most people didn’t know. Eldest son Gary Crosby wrote the book Going My Own Way, describing der Bingle as a cold monster who liked to inflict pain.

5.   Michael Landon

Michael Landon who played wise, kindly characters on TV, like Charles Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie and Jonathan, a literal angel in “Highway to Heaven”, and a lot of people seemed to think he really was actually that saintly in real life.

He eventually left his first wife and married someone else, which isn’t that unusual in Hollywood. He adopted his second wife’s daughter, and initially treated her the same as his biological kids, which he had several of. However, he then left second wife and family for a much younger woman who worked on the Little House set and then he publicly stated that he never really loved his second wife, which absolutely broke his children’s hearts. He then told his kids that if they didn’t accept his new wife with open arms, he’d have nothing to do with them.

According to redditors ‘He had two kids with his third wife and left the bulk of his estate to them and very little to any of the kids from his previous relationships.

It’s like Michael Landon could only love certain people at certain times. Once he moved on he gave all his love to the new people in his life, and treated the people he supposedly once loved as if they never really mattered to him at all.’

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