Company Overview

Established in 2018, BuzzMag is a growing video/article publishing company that focusses on credible information and valuable content for users worldwide.
Our team consists of Engineers, lawyers, software engineers, graphic artists, and fitness instructors. This unique combination helps us to deliver valuable content to several categories. We also engage in digital media and social media marketing and carrying out engineering projects. We can help you manage your social profiles and online presence to ensure you effectively engage with your audience and get the maximum value from social media.
As we are active within the relevant industries, our knowledge and awareness of the emerging trends together with our knowledge of the publishing industry and its ever-changing strategies form our ability to understand your organization’s needs.

We are an experienced, knowledgeable team dedicated to your content organization’s success.


To be a leading website that gives people access to credible news items as well as knowledge in various fields and their emerging trends. Our main aim is to help users understand complex topics by breaking down into very simple terms.

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