Combat Corona with Disinfection Chambers

 Covid-19 and its global impact demonstrated the crucial importance of hygiene. We must ensure the highest standards of hygiene for both aspects of fighting against the current rising pandemic as well as a preventive measurement against any potential viral outbreaks in the future considering the current state of overpopulation and destruction of natural resources, the world will continue to experience far worse pandemics and various other virus and disease outbreaks in the future.

It is more important now more than ever for society to be more vigilant of its surrounding environment and take all necessary measures to ensure safety and cleanliness. Sanitization is an important hygiene measure that is used to kill or de-activate any active viral pathogens, germs or bacteria. Taking into consideration the current worldwide coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, it’s evident that full-body sanitization measures are indispensable in medical practices and clinics, even in the businesses, education or any other place where people clutter together.

The World Health Organization has advised that the Corona Virus and other viral pathogens can be detected on surface materials to a period of 24 hours, therefore, it is crucial that all organizations must take necessary precautions to facilitate a safe and clean environment.

When many people gather in one place together bacteria, germs and viruses can easily be spread from one person to another which will in return spread infectious diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautions and make it mandatory for all customers and employees to sanitize their body surface and clothing material before entering the organizations.

A local company based in Sri Lanka which goes by the name of Datacon Solutions, have manufactured a smart sanitization chamber which will help to combat the Covid-19 outbreak and help maintain a clean and germ-free environment.

Combat Corona with Disinfection Chambers

When speaking to company representatives they explained that they based this project on the below mentioned objectives.

The main Objectives behind the curation of this project were a simple yet extremely high priority when considering the current hygienic state of the country.

1. To create a safe environment for everyone

  • a. Bacteria and Viral pathogens are often transmitted through the atmosphere and can survive on most surfaces. Human bodies play a huge part in the transferring of these pathogens from one place to another and put themselves at risk of contracting the germs that they carry.

2. Disinfect people in these areas (public places, workplaces)

  • a. In a developing country such as Sri Lanka, with wide educational and cultural impact, the public varies deeply in knowledge about hygiene and medical sciences thus it is a massive risk when it comes to the transmission of pathogens and other bacteria and the adaptation of preventive measures such as sanitizing and disinfecting is deemed as a compulsory decision for the prevention of the spread of any disease from the shortcomings of any careless individuals that would not follow protocol.

3. Disinfect cloths, hands and feet (whole body)

  • a. The main objective of this chamber is to terminate the introductions of outside viral pathogens to the site, by Sanitizing and disinfecting any active viral pathogens that could be present on individuals who enter the worksite.
  • b. The product should work to sanitize the entire individual, including the clothes and be effective and reliable in the process creating a safer and more hygienic environment that would help create a less stressful work environment allow smooth workflow of the site.

1. ISO certified material (aluminum structure)

  • a. The system is built with recognized, ISO certified material, to reassure longevity of operations and withstand external forces of nature.

2. Anti-scratch, anti-static PVC strips

  • 3. The plumbing for the distribution of sanitization liquid is constructed with industrial-grade tubes and nozzles capable of withstanding up to 10 bars of pressure with headroom.

4. All structures which can be customized as per the client’s requirement, are designed and manufactures by our own Engineering design team consisting of Mechanical and Electrical/Electronic Engineers.

5. The ergonomics of the structures are designed by paying attention to criteria such as safety, mobility and convenience of daily usage.

Combat Corona with Disinfection Chambers

1. ISO certified electrical components

  • a. The electronic system is designed using ISO certified and tested components that boast reliability and quality which helps to add to the overall reliability of the system.

2. Infrared Photo Electric Proximity sensor unit

  • a. The System is automated using an Infrared photo Electricity Proximity Sensor Unit that monitors the chamber for the presence of an individual and once detected, the system will engage the sanitization process.
Combat Corona with Disinfection Chambers
Infrared Photo Electric Proximity sensor – Combat Corona with Disinfection Chambers

3. Electrical system and sensing module integrated into one system to enable plug and play operation.

  • a. For the ease of setup for the user, the sensing module and electrical system are integrated into one system which allows plug and plays operation and simplifying the construction of the device.

4. Electrical systems are designed incorporating protection devices to withstand any electrical leakage, earth leakage and surge protection.


1. Supply power using the 220V AC type G (UK Socket).

2. When an individual enters the chamber, the sensor detects the presence of the individual and the disinfection process starts. A warning light inside the chamber indicated the beginning of the disinfection process. This process lasts for 5 seconds. (Time can be adjustable according to the disinfection capability of the system.

3. Eight nozzle arrangement ensures 360-degree coverage of the individual.

4. Once the warning light inside the chamber turned off, an individual must exit the chamber allowing another individual to enter the chamber for disinfection.

This disinfection chamber is ideal to be placed in entrances to locations where several people gather. By implementing the chamber you can ensure a fast and safe disinfection of every human thus making a safe environment for everyone

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