Celebrity Pets : Most Famous & Expensive

You know how pets keep people out of stress and keep them healthy. So imagine how pets are essential to celebrities who are going through so much pressure in their lives, and that’s why they spend so much money buying pets and giving them a luxurious life. In this article, we have listed the most expensive celebrity pets.

Pablo Escobar – Elephants ($ 2million)

Escobar was the wealthiest man in the world in the late 80s. Report suggested he spent a couple of million dollars for elephants to be rared as pets.

Celebrity pets Pablo escobar
Elephants in Escobar’s 20 square kilometre ranch Hacienda Napoles

He can plenty of money to do whatever he wants at that particular time. So he built a zoo in his own house and added many rare and expensive animals. We don’t have any source on what those animals were worth. But in these recent years, his son admitted that Pablo bought spent $ 2million on a couple of elephants. Also, imagine how much he should have to pay to the whole zoo.

Mike Tyson –White tigers ($ 70,000 each)

Although Mike was the baddest man on the planet, he was an animal lover. He bought three white tigers by spending $ 70,000 each. Mike named them Boris, Storm, and Kenya, and Mike had to pay $ 210,000 for their healthy being and trainers every month.

Mike tyson celebrity pets white tigers
Mike Tyson’s Celebrity Pets the white tigers

A couple of years later, he has to give the tigers because they brutally attack a teenager.

Paris Hilton – Dogs ($325,000)

Aquarius celebrity Paris is a true animal lover. She has various animals, including dogs, cats, tiny ponies, pigs, and bunnies. For all that pets, she built an exceptional mansion worth around $ 325,000, only to give them a luxury lifestyle.

Lady Gaga – Koi ($60,000)

This great popstar always buys new pets when she moves to a new house. Recently many sources reported that she purchased a Koi fish for $60,000 directly from Japan. She added this Koi fish to her new Malibu Mansion.

Nicholas Cage – Octopus ($273,000)

Nicholas Cage is one of the famous and wealthiest actors. But in recent years, he wasn’t in the field too much, so he spent his spare time blowing his whole net worth buying some expensive and rare things. So as a result, he purchased an octopus for $273,000.

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Mariah Carey – Dogs ($50,000 per year)

Mariah Carey has eight dogs with whom she spends and shares her luxurious life. She has a special love for Jack Russel Terriers, which kind she has the most. One of her Jack Russel Terriers has also appeared in films. Mariah Careys pets definitely fit the phrase “Celebrity Pets” According to reports, Mariah spends more than $50,000 per year only on grooming dogs. Can you imagine how she spends money to feed them and even other pets than dogs?

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