Celebrity Dental Implants :BEFORE and AFTER

Celebrity fame or social status is the best way to promote a business. So marketers use celebrity fame to reach a broader audience to promote their business. Since then, most celebrities have done whatever it comes to build a large fan base. Even they have changed their appearance. We have listed down celebrity dental implants that you didn’t know in this article. These celebrities have drastically changed teeth to influence people with a perfect smile.

1. Cardi B (expensive celebrity dental implants)

Cardi B (expensive celebrity dental implants)
Cardi B (expensive celebrity dental implants)

Cardi B’s dental implants are known as the best celebrity dental work of all time. When we look at the before and after pictures of her we can see the difference between her glazing teeth and dashing smile.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (# most viral celebrity dental implants)

Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrity dental implants before and after
Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrity dental implants before and after

Anyone looking at Cristiano’s teen images can recognize how his smile has changed. However, his appearance and looks have made him a massive star and an influencer in society. Even he has shown his power and can impact colossal businesses. So that is the power of a smile that changed the whole world. By the way, Cristiano is one of the most influential people of this century.

3. Zac Efron

Zac Efron Celebrity dental implants before and after
Zac Efron Celebrity dental implants before and after

Zac is famous for his gorgeous smile in Hollywood. Even in his teenage, he has a smile that attracts people. But now, he has modified his smile with dental implants to attract more people than ever before and look good on red carpets.

4. Dakota Johnson ( #Top celebrity dental implants)

Dakota’s fans were shocked when she revealed that she closed the gap between the teeth in the jimmy Fallon show. Actually, she had no issue in attracting people even before her implant. But her fans really liked her smile before the dental implants.

5. 50 cent

50 cent is known for his brightening smile in the rap world. But unfortunately, he had to undergo a sudden dental surgery which shocked the world. The reason was someone put a bullet across his mouth. However, the doctors have done a marvelous job reconstructing his smile and face.

6. Tom Cruise

Have you ever imagined how Tom Cruise became an A-List celebrity? Of course, he is a talented actor of his age, but his smile has given him a boost to bloom in Hollywood. Whenever you come across teen photos of Tom, you can imagine how his dental implants have impacted his career.

7. Miley Cyrus

Miley has one of the best celebrity smiles in Hollywood in the present. She was famous even for her young age. After fixing her crooked teeth, Miley has the prettiest smiles in Hollywood.

8. Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods is an Instagram model who rose to fame with help of her best friend, Kylie Jenner. However, she has fixed her teeth by filling gaps between her teeth and doing a dental veneer. Now she has a bright smile which attracts more and more followers.

9. Goerge Clooney

Goerge Clooney has had the best celebrity dental implants for years. He has taken dental implants to improve his teeth issues and looks. Although even before his dental transformation he has the best celebrity smiles of all time. 

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