Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend is not only his!

Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski
Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski – Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend

Not such surprising news considering the things happening in the world today, but it’s TRUE! Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend Nicole Poturalski is married to Roland May a German restaurateur and is in an open relationship.

When did they start dating?

57 years old Oscar-winning actor’s relationship was kept quiet until recently. But images released in November 2019 from Kanye West’s concert shows that Brad was seeing her since last year.

Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski at Kanye West's concert
Brad Pitt and Nicole Poturalski at Kanye West’s concert

Though their low-key relationship had been going on for some time it never caught the public’s eye until she boarded a private plane in Paris to spend a vacation together.

It’s rumored that Pitt took Nicole to “Chateau Miraval” an estate purchased back in 2011 when he was with his ex wife Angelina Jolie.

Who really is Nicole?

Nicole Poturalski aka Nico Mary
Nicole Poturalski aka Nico Mary – Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend
Nicole Poturalski aka Nico Mary
Nicole Poturalski aka Nico Mary – Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend

Though she isn’t much popular, I’m sure she will be now. She’s a 27 years old German Model who goes by the name Nico Mary and is represented by “A Management”, “Official Models” and “Next Models”. She has already featured in several magazine covers including ELLE Germany.

She apparently grew up dreaming to become a Marine Biologist but changed her career path when a model scout spotted her at Disneyland Paris. I’m sure no one would be talking about her right now If she had become some biologist. Life’s full of surprises eh?

Who is she married to?

Roland Mary
Roland Mary

The Gorgeous model is married to Roland Mary. A 67 years old prominent restaurateur who owns a few of the top-notch restaurants in Europe. Nicole, who has been married to Roland for 8 years reportedly met Brad Pitt for the first time in one of her husband’s restaurants when Pitt was on a press tour for his Oscar-winning performance on “Once in a lifetime in Hollywood” back in August 2019. Weird isn’t it?

She also reportedly has a kid named “Emil” who she posts about often on her Instagram page. Well, Brad is a father to 6, I guess no problems in that department.

What’s with the open marriage nonsense?

It’s been said that Roland is very “philosophical” about romance after marriage and he’s certainly not interested in any of the negativity and the jealousy drama. Well, one could say he has learned a thing or two by being married 4 times and being a dad 5 times over! When asked about his wife’s relationship with Brad Pitt he replied with “no comment” and hung up! Well, I guess no one would really chat if their wife was dating Brad Pitt, to be honest.

You really cannot expect anything less dramatic in Hollywood circles. We can only assume that this news stays still, or you’ll hear that Brad Pitt is dating Angelina Jolie again next month. I’m sure it’s safe to say that Nicole won’t be the last person Brad would date and that this won’t be Roland’s last marriage. After all, she’s 27 and her partners are respectively 30 and 40 years older than her.

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