Baba Vanga’s mystic predictions for 2020

Who is Baba Vanga?

Predicting the future is an iffy business. But one unusual woman has had the most bizarre success in predicting big events of the past two decades- and she’s been dead the whole time. Blind mystic Baba Vanga, from Bulgaria, was said to have predicted the 9/11 terrorist attack, the Brexit, and the Syrian chemical attacks. And, dubbed the ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’ for her predictions, she is said to have foretold of trouble and darkness for the year ahead. Despite dying 23 years ago, those with a keen interest in mysticism continue to revere Baba’s work, which some claim looks to 5079-the year she believes the universe would end.

Right before her death at 85. It was held that she made a cascade of predictions for the year 2020.

Baba Vanga’s predictions
Baba Vanga’s predictions

The predictions which were accurate

Baba Vanga’s predictions,as well as those listed below,were said to have an 85 percent sucess rate.

  • The Kursk nuclear submarine disaster. The Russian sub sank in August 2000, killing all aboard.
  • Baba predicted the rise of a terror group, ISIS.
  • The Syrian gas attacks.
  • The withdrawal of the U.K. from the European Union.
  • Baba claimed that the 44th US President would be black.
  • In 1989, she made a statement that indirectly relates to the 9/11 attack, which left thousands dead.
  • In 1979, during a meeting with writer Valentin Sidorov, Vanga said “All will thaw, as if ice, only one remain untouched”.Which basically referred to Vladimir Putin’s victory in 2018.
  • Interestingly she predicted World War 3. Shortly before her death,Vanga said: “Russia will not only survive,it will dominate the world”
Baba Vanga’s Predictions for this year and the future
  • The most shocking revelation is that Vladamir Putin and Donald Trump’s lives are in danger.

             As per her predictions, the Russian president could reach the end of his mortal coil thanks to an assassination attempt made from within Kremlin. Almost as dramatically, the US president will fall ill with a mysterious illness.

  • Another staggering recurrent theme in her predictions has been the destruction of Asia.
  • The most disturbing prediction of the clairvoyant was the European continent could reach ‘the end of its existence’ at the hands of ‘Muslim extremists’.
  • A colony on Mars will enable the planet to become a nuclear power, and demand independence from Earth from around 2170 to 2256.
  • Global hunger will be eradicated between 2025 and 2028.
  • China will overtake the US as a superpower.
  • Polar ice caps will melt from 2033 to around 2045 and ocean levels will rise around this time.
  • Doctors will be able to cure any disease with cloning technology
  • From around 2072, a classless Communist society will thrive in hand with nature.
  • A colony on Mars will enable the planet to become a nuclear power, and demand independence from Earth from around 2170 to 2256.
  • The universe will end in 5079.
  • Interestingly she predicted the coronavirus but claimed that if would grow from Africa instead of China.
In conclusion

Regardless, her legacy could still be cemented if some of her most unlikely supposed predictions become a reality. Nevertheless, with almost 5 months to go, it would be interesting to see how her predictions play out and how the world would eventually look like.

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