Aillen Wuornos, The First Female Serial Killer

The dark woods of Florida’s highways were dark and dust. Where seven men met the madness of one angry woman. Aileen Wournos murdered them robbed them and drove home in their cars. She’s been called the damsel of death and the hooker from hell. But embellishment aside, the story of history’s first female serial is macabre enough even without it’s supporting cast of characters.

First, there is Aillen Wournos’s lawyer. She’s given him the job of getting her to the electric chair. Then there is the serial killer’s new mother. She first met Aileen Wuornos after her arrest and then adopted her. Then there is Aileen Wuornos’s gay lover, who betrayed her to the police.


Psychologist sketch a portrait of a damaged person with a lurid history of abuse that began in childhood. Abandoned by her teenage mother when she was just six old. Aileen Wuornos was raised by her alcoholic grandmother and a cruel grandfather, who regularly beat her with his belt buckle.

When she was two her father committed suicide in jail where he was serving sentence for kidnapping and raping a child. By thirteen she was also raped and was pregnant, at fourteen she quit school and when her grandfather kicked her out.

Aileen Wuornos’s life on the road began. Aileen Wuornos from age fifteen worked prostitutions lowest and the most dangerous trade. A hitchhiking hooker turning tricks from exit to exit on Florida’s interstate highways.

Where it all began.

That all changed when she turned 33, after years of abuse and degradation at the hands of men Aileen Wuornos started evening the score. The killing all began like this a middle-aged man pulled over to pick up Aileen Wuornos that’s the first of just two on which everyone agrees.

What Aillen Wuornos tries to tell that she was just a hooker trying to turn a trick and the men knew it. The state of Florida maintains that she tricked the victims by posing as a damsel in distress. Which prompted the men to think that they were helping her out.

Either way, the second fact on which everyone agrees is that Aillen Wuornos shot them dead. Wuornos began the last day of her miserable on the road near a cafe. Where she ordered her first beer. It was Wuornos’s style to hustle quarters for the jukebox.

So that she could listen to her favorite song.On that day that was made easier by two undercover cops. They developed a conversation with her and bought her some more beer and then convinced her to step outside.

Wuornos was prepared for anything but not the six Florida police officers who arrested her. It was from this point the story of the first female serial killer becomes truly perplexing.

The baffling truth.

Firstly, her videotaped confession “Go ahead and put the electric chair to me. I should have never done it” she told the authorities. However, by the time of her trial, Wuornos was pleading self-defense.

The case became more confusing when her gay partner Tyria Moore now very much her ex girl-friend turned star witness in the prosecution. Despite the evidence, it gets worst because Tyria Moore had another deal going with the arresting police.

They were trying to sell Hollywood movie rights to Wuornos’s life and crazy times. District attorney Rick Ridgeway was the only one who was willing to talk about the Wuornos case. Because the police were purely embarrassed by their acts.

The district attorney claims that there was a tremendous amount of almost madness about the case and everybody wanted to get a scoop on the next guy about the case. There were so many people who were willing to pander to that in order to be the one who gets quoted or who gets the movie made about it.

In the end, it was only the producers of this American TV movie, who were able to cash in on Wuornos’s case. Tyria and the police’s conspiracy to get rich quickly came to once they were caught.

However, these incidents haven’t stopped Wuornos suspecting someone somewhere wants to exploit her name.

The final twist.

The final twist to this already mad tale was when Aileen Wuornos decided to plead no contest to the remaining six murder charges. Her lawyer found himself in a bizarre position of helping his client take the express route to the electric chair.

The lawyer claims that she decided to plead no contest for the remaining victims was basically because she was frustrated with people making money off her story and she didn’t like what the public had to say about the story. Therefore, her decision to not contest was fair on her part.

The Ego.

Alone and lost in her own nightmare. Aileen Wuornos is an American Horror Story. She could escape the death penalty but her bitterness and will see Wuornos become the first women in over a century to be executed in Florida.

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