Addison Rae receives major backlash after fake obnoxious tweet

On July 10th Tiktok superstar Addison Rae took to twitter about her new job. Addison tweeted that she landed a job as a UFC correspondent. Her tweets triggered major backlash on herself as many people felt humiliated and disgusted. Addison Rae was actually joking about her landing the job. But the way Addison Rae put up her tweet was demeaning and disrespectful to people who are working hard in journalism


Addison Rae’s obnoxious tweet

She posted several pictures also of her on duty at UFC 264. On the same day she also had the privilege of interviewing MMA champion Dustin Poirier ahead of his fight with Conor McGregor. Everything seemed to be going well until Addison Rae tweeted.

“I studied broadcast journalism in college for [three] whole months to prepare for this moment,” the TikToker wrote in her tweet. 

Coutsey twitter : whoisaddison

This tweet triggered immediate response from especially students majoring in journalism. People took to twitter on how unfair the industry is as there are many talented students working hard yet not being able to land such a job. Addison Rae may have not meant to disrespect but she should have thought twice before tweeting such a thing.

Many users focused on how hard and the many years they have to study

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