A Spa Designed specifically to pamper your newborn babies

Spa for babies
Spa for babies

Well, I’m pretty sure most of you rolled your eyes when reading the title and read the title twice. That’s right, baby spas are now a thing and if your little one is between the ages of six days and six months old, they’re in luck.

It all goes down at Baby Spa Perth, an Australia-based salon that offers hydrotherapy and infant massages in 45-minute sessions for $85. Now, I know what you’re thinking.

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Why does an infant/ baby need a massage at a spa?

hydrotherapy baths – Spa for babies

Turns out, spa treatments can be beneficial to the development of a newborn. The hydrotherapy baths help increase lung capacity, assist with muscle growth, and improve sleep—which, if you’re a new parent, is something you can benefit from, too.

Magnesium pools are designed to soothe and detoxify the skin. In water, young babies can do magical things they can’t yet manage on land because their itty-bitty bodies aren’t strong enough, and gravity’s a bitch. However, floating (aka hydrotherapy) gives the arms and legs freedom to move, which is said to promote physical, emotional, and mental development

A typical Baby Spa session lasts about an hour and includes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes of casual floating in a warm bath. Babies wear a special floatation device that safely supports the head above water and makes the whole thing look extra adorable.

VIDEO: A typical baby spa session

Source : Cheddar

The two twins are floating in a pool filled with Magnesium.

Inflatable tubes around their necks keep them above the water.

As they happily kicked their feet.

However, this has been condemned!

The video had been circulating on LinkedIn and has been criticised by many people.

“Babies floating with an inflatable neck brace and sucking a dummy-no! Sorry that’s just insane.”-Leigh Newton.

“Though they appear to be fine with this, I can’t imagine that it would not be a strain on their necks. Not a good idea. If they were wearing harnesses, ok… but still… what toxins?”-Sebastian Carvajal.

Read also — Ellie Goldstein, GUCCI model with Down syndrome

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