Watch: A police officer pulls off WWE move on reckless lorry driver in the middle of the road

A video that went viral on social media shows a police officer assaulting an individual in the middle of the road. The policeman assaults the driver and pulls off a WWE kind of move at the end which also results in him falling over. People have taken to social media over this issue. Even though it looks funny and hilarious there are also some serious investigations that required to find out what caused this assault.

The Sri Lankan Police launched a brisk investigation into the issue as the video was going viral all over social media. People have already jumped on the bandwagon and started creating memes using images from the video.

police officer pulls off WWE move

What really happened?

Dashcam footage prior to the incident has surfaced. In this footage it can be seen the lorry recklessly crashing into another Senior Police officer who was on duty at the same time. This incident provoked the actions of the Policeman to assault and act in such a way.

police officer pulls off WWE move

The seriousness of the incident has been taken lightly on social media as people have seen a funny side to it. Who would expect such a finishing move after the assault? Since the video has surfaced there have been memes that have been overflowing. Below are some of what has emerged on social media.