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If you love the classy, noteworthy affordable bling, then there is a new brand that will be the perfect fit for you. Many of us love to replicate what are favorite celebrities and stars wear. Most times it’s a bit difficult coz these designer brands are really expensive. Well this is where the brand MONICA VINADER builds the perfect bridge between affordability and classy. Since recent Monica Vinader jewellery have been spotted on many celebrities and stars such as Emily Ratajkowski, Camila Cabello and Kate Middleton.

Monica Vinader is clearly dominating the market of luxe designs with affordable price tags. From fashion bloggers, influencers, A-list celebrities and even the Royals are in love and hooked on this brand. There are several stars and celebrities spotted recently rocking in Monica Vinader accessories. From Bella Hadid to The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and even England football manager Gareth Southgate have been spotted in Monica Vinader accessories. In the article we present to you 10 of the most famous celebrities and stars who have fallen in love with Monica Vinader.

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1. Emily Ratajkowski (#1 Monica Vinader celebrities)

Emily Ratajkowski is one the biggest fans of Monica Vinader. She has been spotted several times rocking Monica Vinader accessories. Emili in particular is a big fan of the hoops by Monica Vinader. She is one of the most famous upcoming celebrities that are in love with Monica Vinader.

Emily Ratajkowski wearing Monica Vinader Chamfered Hoops

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2. Anna Kendrick (#2)

Anna Kendrick is another popular celebrity in love with classic and subtle Monica Vinader accessories. She has been spotted several times in Monica Vinader accessories.

Anna Kendrick wears a matching Atlantis Cocktail Earrings and Ring set to the Tory Burch AW14 New York Fashion Week Show

Recently she was spotted wearing Monica Vinader earings. Anna Kendrick wore these classic Siren Small Cocktail Earrings earrings to the Guess Nashville Collection Celebration at New York Fashion Week.


3. Camila Cabello (#3 Celebrities in love with Monica Vinader)

Camila Cabello spotted wearing the siren chandelier Blue ear rings by Monica Vinader. She is considered to one of the most frequent customers for Monica Vinader accessories.

4. Kate Middleton (#4)

From celebrities to Royalty , everyone loves and adores Monica Vinader. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is one of the most iconic and famous personalities in love with Monica Vinader. The classy, classic and subtle designs of Monica Vinader has definitely grabbed the attention of The Duchess of Cambridge. Kate has been spotted during several instances in Monica Vinader accessories.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

5. Kendall Jenner (#5)

Kendall Jenner was spotted in a Monica Vinader bracelet in Los Angeles. She is one of the most famous celebrities and most regular customers of Monica Vinader.

She was also spotted again in Los Angeles in the Alphabet ‘K’ pendant by Monica Vinader.

6. Jennifer Lopez (#6)

During the recording of Jimmy Kimmel Live in LA, Jennifer Lopez was spotted on set wearing a MonicaVinader Fiji Diamond Bar Bracelet. Jlo was again spotted wearing the same Monica Vinader Fiji Diamond bar bracelet in Mexico city.

Check out the Jennifer Lopez favorite ” The Monica Vinader Fiji Diamond Bar Bracelet

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