20 Cancer Celebrities Everyone LOVES : From Selena Gomez to Princess Dianna

Cancer Celebrities ranked by fame and popularity
Celebrities that are born into the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer, the fourth sign in the zodiac, belongs to those born between the dates of June 21st to July 22nd. Cancer star sign holders are very sensitive, seeks comfort, forgives but never forgets, very firm in their decision making and takes on problems head on. In this article we present the most famous and loved Cancer celebrities from around the world

A cancer’s personality is like a wading chest deep in a lake of warm water. Cancer holders are regarded to be homebodies and do not seek change and strive for stability and routine. Cancer holders are regarded to be very emotional in nature and carry grudges for a long period of time because they cannot forget emotional setbacks.

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Once a cancer lets their guard they easily get attached and will not let go. Cancers are the most emotional and intuitive of all the signs, the security they offer can be very addicting, but also overwhelming depending on the person.

We have complied a list of the world’s most famous and upcoming Cancer stars and Cancer celebrities from the Cancers. Some of the common features of the famous cancers and their personalities are listed below.

Common traits and facts of Cancers and their personalities

Loyal : Their die-hard loyalty is one of the most remarkable features of Cancer. They are usually very hard to connect but once they open up they’ll be committed to you for life. Part of their capacity to empathise with others makes the Cancer one of the most devoted signs in the zodiac.

Caring : Cancer is known for its kind and caring nature and incredibly hearty, which extends its inner emotional character. In fact, in the loyalty and protection of Cancer, we can see evidence of this quality.

Intuitive : Intuition is another key Cancer characteristic, Crabs tend to rely more on their intuition than on their practical or rational sense of judgment. This is due to their intense emotional state and ability to easily detect emotional changes in others.

Protective : Cancers are very protective of their loved ones, sometimes even when they’re at fault. They value their family and close friends and will often go out of their way to protect their loved ones no matter what.

Jaden Smith

Born July 8, 1998

Jaden Smith’s emotional melt down on Twitter and various other situations is a clear indication of his emotional side as a cancer. Further, despite the media attacking Jaden Smith in various instance due to numerous reasons. Jaden Smith have remained rock solid is an indication to show how strong cancer celebrities and personalities can be. Also in-spite of his musical career not taking off he has remained genuine and compassionate towards his musical career by setting bigger goals. Which represents a cancers mentality.

Selena Gomez

Born July 22, 1992

Selena’s representation as an empathetic, caring and loving nature clearly represents her as a Cancerian. Further, her recent twitter rants are a prime example of her intense emotional state as a Cancerian. Cancers struggle to make assertive decision and stand up for themselves. Which is seen through her relationship with Justin Bieber.

Gisele Bündchen

Born July 20, 1980

Gisele’s emotions and loyalty towards her husband is a clear representation of a Cancerian. Further, her passion pursue a career in modelling despite being rejected initially is an alarming personality of a Cancerian. She is one of the most famous Cancer celebrities out there

Arian Grande

Born June 26, 1993

One of the most famous Cancer celebrities, Ariana’s emotional melt down and tweets after Mac Millers death was a prime example of a Cancerian. Her dating history coupled with some of her lyrics shows that she prefers to follow the heart is clear representation of a Cancerian because they are intuitive and suckers for love.

Post Malone

Born July 4, 1995

Post Malone can be regarded as an emotional rapper. Which can be clearly seen through his lyrics. Malone’s sympathetic and attachment to his fans is a clear representation of a Cancerian. 

Lana Del Rey

Born June 21, 1985

Her Cancerian energy is raw, untamed and wild, just like her voice. The Cancerian personality is symbolised through her lyrics and her use of vivid imagery and colourful metaphors to get her message across.

Priyanka Chopra

Born July 18, 1982

Cancerians are regarded to be naturally beautiful and Priyanka is the living proof. Just like a typical Cancer, she highly values her relationship with Nick Jonas. Further, her caring, sensitive, emotional, vindictiveness qualities symbolises her true Cancerian qualities. She is a true cancer celebrity.

Milo Ventimiglia

Born July 8, 1977

Milo is not your day to day famous celebrity. He doesn’t want to be in the spotlight and seeks to lead a more normal, calm life. Which is a prime Cancerian quality. He represents the different cancer celebrities with similar personalities

Taylor Nolan

Born July 10, 1993

Even-though she failed to find love on the Bachelor. Nolan is very beautiful cancer girl, inside and out. She is considered to be loyal and low-key, which are trademark qualities of Cancerians.

Elon Musk

Born June 28, 1971

Cancerians have a very active imagination and tend to be very creative people. Which is a hallmark quality of Elon Musk. Which has basically pushed him to be the richest person in the world and as a Cancerian innovation and intelligence run through his blood.

Carson Daly

Born July 22, 1973

The fact that Carson is very mentally strong and her fight against cancer is a clear representation of a Cancerian. Her creative mind and originality is clearly seen through her Tv show. Which qualities of an proud Cancerian. Her charisma when dealing with her fans, where she is very warm and generous are special qualities of an Cancerian.

Mike Tyson

Born June 30, 1966

Mike Tyson’s, emotional rollercoaster boxing career and his intuitive nature is a prime example of an Cancerian. His strong sense of personal achievement together with his kindness and caring are strong traits of Cancerians.

Sofie Dossi

Born June 21, 2001

Sofie’s creative mind and imagination coupled with innovation has pushed her beyond her limits and put on some stunning performances are traits of an Cancerian.

Prince William

Born June 21, 1982

His recent actions clearly shows that he’s a loyal royal. He is devoted to his family. His emotions run deep. He suffered the greatest heartache when his beloved mother passed away. He cherishes his marriage.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Born 1 July, 1961

Princess Diana was immensely creative and her Kensington Palace apartment was a prime example. Which is also a very prominent Cancer trait. She was warm and loving mother just like a typical Cancer. The empathy she showed towards her followers is one of the most dominant traits of a cancer. Despite the affair Prince Charles had she hoped that things would work out for her. Which shows that she was loyal towards Prince Charles. Which is very common in Cancerian personalities.

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