14 nicest and kindest celebrities in real life

It’s a nightmare and a feeling of disappointment for certain fans who look forward to meet their favorite celebrities and to find out they are very rude and mean. There have been many incidents where fans have faced such awful incidents. The roles they play on the silver screen sometimes maybe the complete opposite of who they are in real life. Contrary to that there are celebrities just like those people in your life who always seem to be thinking of others. There are a handful of celebs who are in line for a sainthood: they never put a foot wrong, they are always thinking of others, and are generous beyond belief. They are the kindest and nicest celebrities you will ever meet in your life.

Even though certain celebrities portray wicked and evil characters on screen, they might be the kindest and nicest celebrities you will meet in real life. On the other hand, you also come across the rudest and meanest celebrities

Some celebrities have managed to make names for themselves rising above the fray of their elite status, making time for everyone- from the loyal fan to the restaurant waiter. In this article, we present to you the nicest and kindest celebrities in real life.

Anthony Stewart Head ( #1 Kindest and nicest celebrities )

British actor Anthony Stewart Head is said to be one of the most nicest and kindest celebrities you will meet in real life. There are several stories of how the actor has gone out of his way to help and be there for his fans. Head is said to be one of the most humble celebrities who always makes time for his fans.

nicest kindest celebrities anthony stewart head jay transgender fan favorite humble
Anthony Stewart Head and Jay Hulme

One of the stories which Stewart Head gained lots of publicity was when he went totally out of his way to help a fan who had come out as a transgender. Stewart-Head, who played Buffy’s watcher Giles in the cult series, reportedly reached out a young fan after he came out as trans in 2015. Jay Hulme who was a lifelong fan of Anthony had a really hard time after coming out as trans. Hulme was also “kind of sad” that all the photos he’d taken with the actor at fan conventions were signed to his dead name, and showed him with long hair and no chest binder.

Anthony and his wonderful wife Sarah reached out and invited me to come to their farm for the day,” Hulme wrote in a Twitter thread.

“They spent the day with me, took me to the fanciest restaurant I’d ever been to in my life, introduced me to their horses, took lovely photos, and printed and signed them, and even gave me tips for an essay I was writing on Shakespeare for school.

“Most importantly, however, they gave me what I had been lacking in my life up until that point – affirmation, compassion, and belief in my abilities.” Read More about Jay Hulme’s amazing meeting with his idol Anthony Stewart Head

Anthony and his wife are the patrons of the Holly Hedge. This is an organization that works to give homes to animals in need.

Anthony Stewart Head is also one of the most charitable and gracious celebrities that you will bump into real life. These type of celebrities are the type of people we all should look up to and give them the appreciation they deserve

Ed Sheeran ( #2 Kindest and good hearted celebrities )

From his soft-hearted song lyrics, Ed Sheeran is definitely one of the nicest celebrities around. He’s been known to surprise fans with everything from hospital visits to wedding day wishes

Ed Sheeran once showed up to one of his fans by the name of Jess Wright’s birthday party in the hospital after she was unable to go to his concert because of her illness.

He is one of the kindest and nicest celebrities that you will meet in real life. Once during a concert Ed Sheeran helped a guy propose to his girlfriend who’s battling brain cancer.  Ed gave the couple front row tickets to one of his shows and stopped his performance of “Thinking Out Loud” to congratulate the newly engaged couple.

Another reason why Ed is considered one of the nicest and most humble celebrities is that he likes to give back to the community. There are a number of charities he’s supported over the years, lending everything from his voice to his popularity and cultural influence. In the past he’s publicly supported causes including the No Cold Homes campaign by Turn2us, and Band Aid 30. Ed is also an Ambassador for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice. While monetary donations are still helpful, Ed doesn’t just take two seconds to write a deposit that he won’t even notice is gone and then get on with his day. He takes the time to voice his support so others will get behind the cause as well. He also takes the time to actually go and physically be there when he’s needed—he’s spent lots of time with sick children in hospital before, cheering them up when nothing else can.

Ed once gave most of his personal items to a Suffolk charity auction. Ed Sheeran has donated personal items including handwritten lyrics to his hit song Perfect to a charity auction.It was organised with help from his parents to support youngsters in his home county of Suffolk, including redeveloping a playground in Ipswich. Read more about the Suffolk auction here

Keanu Reeves ( #3 Kindest and good-hearted celebrities )

From the goofy dude of the Bill and Ted films and then at the turn of the millennium he was the saviour of humankind in the Matrix movies. Keanu Reeves has entered his renaissance as The Gentleman, an actor who respectfully keeps his hands off a woman in publicity or fan photos. But throughout his life, the Canadian actor was always nice and courteous. Keanu is considered to be one of the nicest, kindest and good hearted celebrities.

Keanu Reeves has a long list of fan encounters that paint him as the nicest guy ever. One Redditor claims Keanu gave a $20,000 bonus to one of the guys working on the set of The Matrix when he heard he was having family problems.

The “John Wick” actor made hearts melt back in July when it was revealed he autographed a handmade sign that was left on the way to the set of his most recent movie. Reeves was in the midst of filming the third “Bill & Ted” movie when he reportedly spotted the sign, which said “you’re breathtaking!” — a reference to Reeves’ appearance at the E3 convention earlier this year. 

Keanu Reeves is one of the kindest and nicest celebrities.
Keanu Reeves one of the kindest and nicest celebrities posing for a fan

Hugh Jackman ( #4 Nicest guy in Hollywood )

With over a decade and a half of experience, Jackman has acquired the label of “Nicest Guy in Hollywood.”

Meanwhile his wife Deborra Lee Furness — whom he met on his first ever TV show and has been happily married to since — attempted to fill out a form online to anonymously donate $10,000 to Montreal’s Children’s Hospital. When she had to call the hospital instead, only then was their generous donor revealed. Hugh also makes time for his fans and is very polite and obliging

Hugh Jackman is known as the nicest guy in Hollywood
Hugh Jackman the nicest guy in Hollywood

Gina Rodriguez ( #5 Fan favorite )

Not many teenagers would get to wear a designer dress to their high school dance, right? How about a designer dress once worn by a Hollywood star? Well, American senior high school student Jessica Casanova got to tick both boxes. After actress Gina Rodriguez tweeted a pic of herself in a gown on Golden Globes night, Casanova tweeted with a sad face, “…would love to wear your golden globes dress to the prom.” To the shock of all in the Twittersphere, the Jane the Virgin star replied: “Maybe we can make this happen.” And make it happen she did. While Rodriguez didn’t own the gown in question, she did have the black Badgley Mischka dress she wore to the 2015 Golden Globes, which she offered to Casanova. The student gladly accepted.

Gina one of the nicest and good hearted celebrities

LeBron James ( #6 Most humble celebrities )

NBA star LeBron James is known for his kindness and extensive charity work through the LeBron James Family Foundation. Not only is Lebron known for giving back — in 2018, he opened the I Promise School, a public school that provides free meals, bikes and college tuition to students.

With many athletes these days doing everything they can to hog the limelight with their cocky attitudes, LeBron James stands alone with his unfaltering humble nature. LeBron’s ego never gets the best of him, which was demonstrated by the fact that he only required an hour to announce where he would be playing this coming NBA season.

Lebron James is the complete opposite compared to Michael Jordon. He is one of the most humble and nicest celebrities you will meet

Read about how rude and mean MJ is here

Lebron James Charity Foundation ( Nicest and Kindest most humble celebrities )

Robin Williams ( #7 Nicest and good-hearted celebrities )

Besides all that stuff about his talent and humor and “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Hook” and tweets from the Academy: You’ll hear that Williams participated in Comic Relief, which raised money for the homeless. Robin actively involved and helped with the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

He was also so polite and welcoming to all his fans.

A fan once said “I was jogging at the San Francisco Marina back in 1988 I think it was and I saw Robin Williams sitting in the side of his van just chillin’. I said, “How you doin’ Mr. Williams?” He said, “I’m doing great, you running from the cops?” I laughed and stopped to chat with him for about 5 minutes.”

He has also been a secret Santa to many sick children in hospital


Emma Stone ( #8 Charitable, good hearted celebrities )

Remember when Amazing Spider-Man co-stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield held up signs while being photographed by paparazzi to draw attention to charity groups (see below)? Well, Stone’s charitable work didn’t end there. The La La Land actress, 31, has supported cancer research, human rights and the Worldwide Orphans Foundation. And her mother, Krista, is a breast cancer survivor, which inspired Stone’s work with the Revlon Run Walk for Women

Emma Stone Andrew Garfield cancer research Worldwide Orphans Foundation nicest kindest celebrities humble charity
06/26/2012 – Emma Stone – “Be Amazing” Stand Up Volunteer Initiative – Brooklyn – Madison Boys and Girls Club – New York City, NY, USA

Steve Buscemi ( #9 )

Didn’t think a man who’s portrayed some of history’s most horrible film characters could be nice? Wrong. On 9/11, the former firefighter worked 12-hour shifts for five days with other firefighters, searching for survivors in the rubble of the World Trade Center. “It was a privilege to be able to do it,” said the Reservoir Dogs and Fargo star. “It was great to connect with the firehouse I used to work with and with some of the guys I worked alongside.”

Steve Buscemi kindest nicest celebrities humble firefighter fire fighter usa celebrities good charity
Former firefighter, actor and director Steve Buscemi joined BTIG Charity Day to support Friends of Firefighters at BTIG Charity Day 2018

Angelina Jolie ( #10 )

As one of the world’s most famous humanitarians, Angelina Jolie is a goodwill ambassador for the UNHCR, she started the National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Children, travelled to Afghanistan to help refugees, and opened a clinic for AIDS and tuberculosis patients in Ethiopia. “I don’t know why I think I can make any kind of difference, all I know is that I want to,” she once said. She has also has a life formula for generosity: “Save one-third, live on one-third and give away one-third.”

kindest charity angelina jolie volunteer foundation organizations un nicest humble sharing giving
On Saturday, June 8, 2019, Angelina Jolie visited a refugee camp at the border of Venezuela in Maicao, Colombia where she was all smiles during the reopening between the two countries. The mother-of-six spent the afternoon greeting children and meeting with parents.

Taylor Swift ( #11 )

Tay’s not only one of the nicest pop and country stars out there, but she gave some great advice to a young generation should they come across bullying, shaming or criticism: Shake it Off! Like Ed Sheeran, she’s visited sick fans in hospital, and donated money to worthy causes including to New York Public Schools and the Louisiana flood relief. She has also been known to surprise fans at functions, including those who attended an engagement party in L.A. in early 2019. Alex Goldschmidt had emailed Swift explaining to the singer that her song “King of My Heart” was special to him and his partner Ross Girard (Alex had proposed to Ross while the track was on). So Taylor turned up at the party and played the song live

taylor swift kind kindest nice nicest good hearted humble charity celebrities
aylor Swift Education Center offers a fun space for unique hands-on experiences connected to the museum’s content. Three classrooms, a videoconference lab, an interactive gallery, and more create an exciting learning environment for all ages

George Clooney (#12)

George Clooney is considered to be on the coolest guys on screen. Typically most of these so called “cool guys” on the silver screen are pretty arrogant and dangerously close to the title of “jerk”. Even though there is such a myth, Clooney is one of the coolest, kindest and most polite celebrities you will meet in real life. He is also one of the most charitable celebrities at present.

A quora user once expressed how his wife’s encounter with Clooney at a Vanity Fair went about. “My wife met George Clooney at a Vanity Fair After-Oscars Party years ago when he played a doctor on TV.In the crowded party, she and George did that shuffle thing two people do when they get stuck in front of each other trying to go in opposite directions.

“I’m a big fan,” she said, instantly hating herself for the banal comment.He smiled and said, “You’ve been drinking.”They each continued on their way.She thought he seemed nice and wished she had come up with something better to say in that moment of opportunity.

George Clooney one of the most kindest and nicest celebrities you will meet in real life

The British actor Clooney is using his fame and fortune to help fight global poverty through donations and self-made organizations. Through George Clooney’s charitable contributions children in Syria are getting an education, people living in poverty are getting funds for food security and justice is being served against those commiting hate crime in the United States.

George Clooney and wife Amal co-founded the Clooney Foundation for Justice to help individuals that are unfairly targeted by oppressive governments through the courts, helping fight poverty by protecting innocent individuals from the injustice of oppressive regimes. It also fights to for displaced children and refugees. One recent campaign, focusing on the Syrian refugee crisis, is trying to help provide educational opportunities to Syrian children. Read more about George Clooney’s Charitable Contributions

Tyra Banks (#13)

Supermodels may have a reputation for being sort of catty, but Tyra Banks has made a nicer name for herself through her charity work and efforts to widen the modeling world’s definition of beauty. The Perfect Is Boring author’s trailblazing in the modeling industry has definitely made Tyra a Pop Culture Phenom. In addition to being extremely nice, Tyra has been kicking butt as a brand ambassador for Nine West. Nine West makes super-cute handbags and shoes at an affordable price point, meaning fans can channel Tyra energy without breaking the bank.

She is the founder of the T-zone foundation. The mission of The Tyra Banks TZONE Foundation is to build a sisterhood movement among women and girls by raising funds and making grants to community-based nonprofits that serve low-income, disadvantaged women and girls. The Foundation is committed to supporting visionary organizations that enable women and girls to achieve their full potential.
TZONE Foundation funds non-profit organizations that foster supportive female relationships through innovative programs and services that promote personal accountability, self-esteem, goal-setting and healthy lifestyles

Peter Dinklage (#14)

“Game of Thrones” actor Peter Dinklage is known as the laid-back, fun-loving Tyrion Lannister on the popular HBO series. Peter loves when his fans ask to take pictures with him. One thing he HATES is when they take pictures on the sly. Dinklage is supposed to be a very humble and friendly guy in real life. A fan once spoke out how enthusiastic Peter was when he asked to take a picture from the famous actor

nicest kindest celebrities peter dinklage usa hollywood got game of thrones fans
Peter Dinklage one of the nicest and enthusiastic celebrities you can meet in real life

“When I met him, he seemed a bit overwhelmed by the enthusiasm around him, but he was still great. He wanted to take silly pictures with me and I was like, ‘HOLY SHIT, TYRION WANTS TO TAKE PICTURES WITH ME!’ Great dude.”

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